Join 7,000 + Floridians: Tell FP&L to quit fracking with Florida!

By Newsroom America Feeds at 11 Jan 09:49

Hello Deanne, Soon, utility regulators appointed by Gov. Scott will decide whether to allow Florida Power and Light (FPL) to build another fracked gas power plant in South Florida.

Take action now, before time runs out: Tell FPL and Gov. Rick Scott enough is enough, stop making us pay for dirty fuel! Take action at

FPL's new fracked gas plant will cost nearly a billion dollars to build, and even more to operate. FPL has the gall to call this a "clean energy center" to "meet the needs of FPL's customers." But FPL also acknowledges that it can build solar power plants that are truly clean for less money. Take action at For years, FPL has simultaneously claimed electricity demand is so low that money-saving efficiency and solar isn't cost effective but they also claim to need more fracked gas power plants and pipelines to meet growing demand.1 This is yet another example of FPL bending the rules to prop up its fracked gas business model, while killing customer-owned energy efficiency and solar. Take action at Enough is enough! Join the more than 7,000 Floridians who have taken a stand against FPL's plan and demand the Sunshine State live up to its name with more investments in solar and other better alternatives!


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