Runners, what’s your dream race destination?

By Newsroom America Feeds at 1 Jan 2018

Team Sierra Is “boosting my fitness” or “running at least one tough race” one of your 2018 resolutions? Keep it -- and protect the planet -- with Team Sierra!

Dear Peter,

Is "boosting my fitness" or "running at least one tough race" one of your 2018 resolutions? Keep it -- and protect the planet -- with Team Sierra!

We still have 22 slots left on our Tough Mudder Team and 42 slots left across almost all of Vacation Races' events. Raising $750 for the Sierra Club gets you into a Tough Mudder race, and raising $1000 gets you into a Vacation Races event.* Click the link below to create a Team Sierra page, then we’ll sign you up for a race near you!

The Tough Mudder is a 10-mile course boasting more than 20 different obstacles, from classics like the Bloc Ness Monster to new challenges like Augustus Gloop. The Tough Mudder Half? Five miles and 13 obstacles. Raise $750 for the Sierra Club and you’ll get free race entry, headband, finisher tee, training schedule and Team Sierra swag.

OR, choose from more than a dozen extraordinary Vacation Races destinations! There's the Glacier Half, the Mount Rushmore Half, the Shenandoah Half and more. Raise $1000 and get your Team Sierra bib to any one of these exclusive events, along with a fundraising starter kit and TS merch as you hit fundraising milestones.

Create a Team Sierra fundraiser for one of these exciting events now!**

Peter, what better way can you think of to start the New Year than setting a lofty fitness ambition and helping the Sierra Club protect our water and air; provide cleaner, cheaper energy; save precious wildlife and make our beautiful green spaces accessible to all in 2018?

We can’t think of one either -- so join one of our Teams today.

Thank you for starting the New Year off on the right foot (or the left, depending on your gait, of course). Can't wait to see all our teams will accomplish in 2018!

Happy New Year, and Happy Trails!

Jessica Dean
Team Sierra Manager

*Vacation Races are are not within Park boundaries as an effort to preserve the lands. Many people extend their race by vacationing in the park. Team Sierra race entries do not apply to the Trailfests.
**For both races, you're responsible for your own travel and accommodations.


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