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By Newsroom America Feeds at 31 Dec 2017

Take Action with the Sierra Club

Deanne -

Just 18 hours until the clock strikes midnight and our books close for the year -- and we're still 933 donors from our year-end goal. http://click.emails.sierraclub.org/?qs=1b9a7422c7c32655f53416049c8e0030748cbfd72a3237860b6de2e004921f3e51a363c498ed1cd614b6a75c0a4e0c3b682f1a323722511d31f25ea4c3c8a4ff Please, help us reach it by renewing your support now for $15, before our triple-match offer expires!


Our 2018 budget is more than a number. It's the concrete figure we need to hire the staff and implement strategic plans to retire over 250 coal plants, convince dozens more cities to commit to 100% Clean Energy, and -- of course -- fight back against the Trump administration's attacks on the Endangered Species Act, clean air and water, our iconic national monuments and more.


How robustly we can defend wildlife and human health and stop Trump from turning back the clock on Dirty Energy depends on your help now, Deanne. http://click.emails.sierraclub.org/?qs=1b9a7422c7c32655f53416049c8e0030748cbfd72a3237860b6de2e004921f3e51a363c498ed1cd614b6a75c0a4e0c3b682f1a323722511d31f25ea4c3c8a4ff Help us reach our critical year-end goal with your gift now -- while it will still be TRIPLED by our generous donor -- up to $250,000. We'll send you our Eco-Chic Bag Set -- FREE!

Happy New Year. Thanks for stepping up to make sure we start off 2018 with the resources needed to fight for the planet and people we love.


Sierra Club

P.S. -- If you've already made your gift, THANK YOU. We've had an outpouring of support and are busy processing donations.


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