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By Newsroom America Feeds at 30 Dec 2017

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Peter -

2017 has seen the Endangered Species Act threatened like never before. And with our year-end deadline just 32 hours away, we're still short of the funds we need to save it. Renew your support now to have it TRIPLED by a generous donor up to $250,000!

Here's the latest: Powerful GOP Congressman Rob Bishop, who once said he would love to "invalidate" the ESA has moved not one but FIVE bills that would dismantle the Act, piece by piece.

The ESA is the last safety net to protect our most imperiled species and their habitat, such as grizzly bears in northern Montana and the last California condors.

Scientists agree that we are now in the "sixth great extinction" and we need to strengthen the ESA, not destroy it. We're meeting with congressional allies and prepping our lawyers -- but how hard we're able to fight for the ESA will depend on what you give right now. Now the good news: a donor is waiting to TRIPLE all gifts made by midnight tomorrow -- so please don't wait! Please, renew your support for the Sierra Club for just $15 or more now. Remember, all gifts made before midnight TOMORROW will be TRIPLED by our generous donor.

One of the arguments Bishop and his anti-ESA colleagues like to make is that the Act is ineffective. They're dead wrong.

We can point to over 100 species whose numbers have stabilized or increased under the Act, perhaps most notably the iconic American bald eagle, which has seen immense growth -- from 416 to 9,789 pairs from 1963 to 2006. The ESA works.

We're not going to let this pro-polluter Congress strip protections from animals like the gray wolf, peregrine falcon, and polar bear just so they can open their habitats to drilling and mining. We're going to fight all five of these bills with every tool at our disposal. One of these bills would even eliminate the ESA's provision for citizen lawsuits - such as the one we filed to reinstate ESA protections for grizzly bears in Greater Yellowstone.But we need your support right now to do it -- please, renew your support today, before even one of these precious species is gone forever. Click here to have your year-end gift TRIPLED by a generous donor, going three times as far to save the ESA and other environmental protections!

Thank you for all you are doing to save our precious wildlife from the most threatening administration and Congress since the Act's creation in 1973. I'm grateful to have you and our more than 3 million other supporters on our side!

Happy New Year,

Lena Moffitt

Senior Director of Our Wild America

P.S. -- If you've already made your gift, THANK YOU. We've had an outpouring of support and are busy processing donations.


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