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By Newsroom America Feeds at 30 Dec 2017

Take Action with the Sierra Club

LIMITED TIME OFFER: A group of generous donors will now TRIPLE EVERY SINGLE GIFT MADE TODAY up to $250,000! Renew your support to TRIPLE your impact.

2017 is almost over. Support our efforts to stop Trump in 2018 with a TRIPLE MATCHED GIFT:

Peter Fowler

ID# 1022324 Renew your support to fight back -- Every gift TRIPLE MATCHED before midnight on December 31 -- up to $250,000 We'll send you our eco-chic reusable bag set -- FREE! RENEW

Dear Peter -

Trump's been in office for less than a year. Here are just a few of the widespread attacks his administration have made on the environment:

- Approved Keystone XL. - Announced his intention to withdraw from the Paris climate accord. - Repealed a ban on offshore oil and gas drilling in the Atlantic and Arctic oceans. - Moved to open massive swaths of priceless public lands to fracking and drilling.

And that's just a small number of things he's done. We're witnessing the greatest assault ever on our environment:

Never since the Sierra Club's founding 125 years ago have we faced such an existential threat to everything we hold dear.

We're so close to our goal of getting 10,000 donors to help fund our grassroots efforts to stop Trump. Our only hope for stopping his plans rests in your hands.

I need you with us, Peter. Respond by 12/31 and your support will be TRIPLE matched, up to $250,000. That's 3x the power to fight anti-environment forces stacked against us. Renew your support for the Sierra Club today and TRIPLE your impact: help protect our natural treasures from the Trump administration.

Trump's actions have confirmed my worst fears. He's keeping his promise to hand over our wild lands and wildlife to Big Polluters, the coal industry, climate deniers and anti-conservationists hell-bent on extracting and exploiting our natural treasures.

What are we doing to protect our communities and precious lands against such powerful interests?

We are resisting. We have unleashed the full force of our 3 million supporters, in local communities, at the state level and in the courts. We are leveraging the same smart organizing strategies that helped us retire over 250 dirty coal power plants across the country, in both red states and blue states. We are working with city governments to adopt 100-percent clean energy. We are pushing state regulators to choose smart and affordable clean energy. We are working with the private sector to make them part of the solution. We are pushing to divest from big oil and dirty coal. We are encouraging millions to go out and explore our parks and refuges, to cultivate a deep wonder and awe at our natural world.

But we can't continue this vital work without you.

I need you with us as we head into 2018. Will you support our efforts to protect the wild lands and wildlife we love so deeply?

Join the thousands of Sierra Club supporters who've stepped up this year and said: COUNT ME IN: I'm making my gift today to fund Sierra Club's campaign to protect our natural world from Trump's environmental assault. All gifts TRIPLE MATCHED.

These may be the greatest environmental fights of our lifetime. But they're also the most meaningful. I believe we'll emerge from this time bigger, stronger and more innovative than ever. I'm ready to give this everything I've got -- and I know millions of others feel the same.

Say you're with me, Peter.

Thank you for all that you do,

Michael Brune

Executive Director

Sierra Club

P.S. -- If you've already made your gift, THANK YOU. We're busy processing donations, and we really appreciate your support.


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