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By Newsroom America Feeds at 10 Dec 2017

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Zinke and Trump want to downsize or roll back protections for TEN monuments

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Deanne, just days ago Ryan Zinke called on Donald Trump to either downsize or roll back protections for TEN national monuments. It's illegal, unprecedented, and Trump Swamp Politics at its worst. Rush your emergency gift to help us stop Trump and Zinke's attack on our precious wild places.

Zinke's destructive cutbacks threaten our democracy and undermine the century-old principle that public spaces belong to everyone. His recommendations have corporate cronies salivating at the idea of mining in Nevada's Gold Butte, severe overfishing around Pacific Remote Islands National Monument, and logging in the Cascade-Siskiyou National Monument in Oregon and California.

But here's the kicker: Zinke's requested a new monument be added in his home state of Montana. Why? Local pols speculate Zinke might run for governor of Montana -- and therefore wants to demonstrate his affection for the Treasure State's sacred sites even as he carves up everyone else's. It's shameless beyond belief.

Deanne, we're filing suit with our partners, joining with Native tribes' efforts, putting pressure on lawmakers and revving up grassroots activists to stop Trump and Zinke's corporate polluter cronyism -- but we can't do it all without your help right now. Please, be one of the 200 new donors we need immediately to save all our iconic monuments! Please, rush your emergency monthly gift of $5 or more now. Help us stop Trump and Zinke's attack on our precious wild places.

No question, we are witnessing an attack on our public lands at a scale never before seen in this country. How did we get from Teddy Roosevelt's pledge to protect our beautiful wild spaces to Donald Trump's determination to mine, drill, frack and log them into oblivion?

Three words: Big Energy Donors. Trump's beholden to them and Zinke's clearly courting them to serve his own political ambitions at the expense of threatened wildlife, prehistoric landscapes and local communities and businesses. It's craven, short-sighted and everything wrong with Trump's self-serving ideology.

Luckily, we have someone even more powerful in our corner: you. Along with our more than 3 million fellow Sierra Club champions, you are standing strong for our natural heritage -- with your voices, votes, and financial support. Deanne, we are counting on your help now to defend our majestic, irreplaceable public lands in Congress and in the courts. Please, rush your emergency monthly gift of $5 or more now. Help us stop Trump and Zinke's attack in the courts and in Congress.

In the eyes of environmental champions like us, the only thing worse than an illegal land grab is a politically motivated illegal land grab. With your help, we're going to stop this one.

With determination and gratitude for your continued support,

Michael Brune

Executive Director

Sierra Club

P.S. -- If you've recently become a monthly donor, THANK YOU, we're still processing gifts.

Photos | Bears Ears: CC2.0/BLM.


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