We can still stop the tax scam. Here’s how:

By Newsroom America Feeds at 6 Dec 11:56

We can still stop the tax scam! Call your representative and tell them to oppose the tax bill: 202-730-9006.

Republican leaders in Congress are attempting to ram through a tax scam that’s truly disastrous for our country. The House and Senate passed different bills, so in order for them to move forward, they have to reconcile the two. That means there’s still time to stop it!



In the dead of night early Saturday, Republican leaders in the Senate rammed through their version of the tax scheme.

But it's not law yet! Call your representative TODAY to say you oppose this bill: 202-730-9006

Since the two chambers of Congress passed different bills, a conference committee will hammer out the details for a reconciled bill -- and that will be voted on soon by the House and Senate.

This means we still have time to defeat this disastrous tax scheme! There is so much in this bill that is harmful to millions of Americans -- from cutting taxes for the 1% and corporations while increasing taxes on the middle class, ballooning the deficit leading to cuts in public health and environment programs, to threatening to drill in the Arctic Refuge and gutting health care for millions. The House version also includes outrageous attacks on critical incentives for wind energy and electric vehicles. If we keep up the pressure in calling Congress, we can still defeat this scam of a bill.

ACT NOW: Call your representative at 202-730-9006 and tell them to VOTE NO on this truly horrible tax bill. It's an unfair scam, giving massive tax cuts to the wealthy and corporate polluters while raising taxes on the middle class.


If this plan passes, people across the country will see the safeguards that protect the air we breathe, the water we drink, the places we play, and the communities where we live face dramatic and dangerous funding cuts.

That's because this plan balloons the federal deficit by over $1.5 trillion by giving hangouts to the wealthiest individuals and corporations. Cutting taxes for the rich now means cuts to the federal budget and entitlements later. Meanwhile, this plan absurdly raises taxes on the middle class to pay for cuts to corporations.


Call 202-730-9006 to stop Congress from threatening our environment and public health, the Arctic Refuge, and millions of people's health care! Tell your representative that this bill is UNACCEPTABLE.

Thanks for taking action to stop this nightmare of a bill,

Kirin Kennedy Associate Legislative Director Sierra Club

P.S. After you call your representative, don’t forget to share this action on Facebook (https://www.addup.org/campaigns/no-to-massive-tax-cuts-for-corporate-polluters--the-1/recruit/118821) and Twitter (https://www.addup.org/campaigns/no-to-massive-tax-cuts-for-corporate-polluters--the-1/tweet/) to keep the pressure up across the country.


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