Peter — Will you help us prevent a nuclear catastrophe?

By Newsroom America Feeds at 28 Nov 2017

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Dear Peter,

We are at a perilous moment. North Korea is rapidly advancing its nuclear program, the United States is considering upending the Iran agreement, terrorists are seeking WMD, nuclear facilities and weapons systems are facing cyber threats, and the dangerous spread of nuclear know-how continues around the world.

Today, the risk of a nuclear weapon being used is as high or higher than at any time since the Cuban Missile Crisis.

This risk is unacceptably high. Fortunately, there are steps we can take now to ensure that a nuclear weapon will never be detonated—whether deliberately, by mistake, or as the result of a terrible accident. And NTI is taking action.

That’s why this Giving Tuesday, I’m writing to ask that you support NTI in our urgent work to reduce these existential threats.

Even as we work overtime to address today’s threats, we can report important progress toward making the world safer for future generations. In August, we celebrated the launch of a project that NTI jump-started a decade ago to discourage countries interested in nuclear power from developing the technology needed to build nuclear bombs. We’re also proud of our work with New York, California and cities around the world to eliminate radiological materials that can be stolen and used to build “dirty bombs.”

We are driven by our co-founder Sam Nunn’s compelling admonition that “we are in a race between cooperation and catastrophe,” and we are inspired by our new CEO, former U.S. Secretary of Energy Ernie Moniz.

For this Giving Tuesday, an anonymous donor has pledged to match every gift to NTI, dollar-for-dollar. As you may know, NTI is funded entirely though the generosity of concerned citizens, so please help us take advantage of this pledge today.

You can give securely online at .

We appreciate your support and wish you a peaceful holiday season.

With best regards,

Joan Rohlfing

President & Chief Operating Officer Nuclear Threat Initiative


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