Diabetes To-Do’s: Take Care of Your Feet

By Newsroom America Feeds at 27 Nov 2017

Diabetes To-Dos: Take Care of Your Feet

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*November 27, 2017*

Treat Your Feet to a Daily Exam

foot massage

Eating healthy: working on it. Getting active: doing it. Taking medicine: as prescribed. Daily foot exams: oops.

Between 60% and 70% of people with diabetes have diabetic neuropathy https://www.niddk.nih.gov/health-information/diabetes/overview/preventing-problems/nerve-damage-diabetic-neuropathies (nerve damage), and feet and legs are most often affected. If nerve damage causes you to lose feeling in your feet, you could get a cut or blister and not know it. Without treatment, a small sore can become a hard-to-heal infection that can threaten your health. Daily foot checks can help stop these problems in their tracks.

There are lots of other things you can do to protect your feet and keep them healthy:

* Always wear shoes and socks or slippersnever go barefoot. * Trim your toenails straight across. * Get active in a foot-friendly way, like swimming or walking.

Find more important tips on keeping your feet in shape in our latest feature https://www.cdc.gov/features/diabetesfoothealth/index.html. Your feet will thank you!


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