Take action for the planet with your investment dollars

By Newsroom America Feeds at 16 Nov 2017

Sierra Club: Use Choice For Change



Communities around the world are facing rising seas, stronger storms, ruthless wildfires, and extreme temperatures as the result of our reliance on dirty, dangerous fossil fuels.

Divesting from fossil fuels and investing in companies with strong environmental practices is a way that both large institutions and individuals can take action to pressure big banks to stop financing fossil fuel projects that contribute to climate change.

Aspiration is a financial firm that offers a sustainable investment strategy that is 100% fossil-fuel free. What makes Aspiration different?

Aspiration creates financial products that let you make money and make a difference.

Aspiration's sustainable investing strategies are not only 100% fossil-fuel-free, but they invest in companies with strong environmental, labor, diversity, and governance practices. Studies show that companies that pursue these strategies are more valuable over time than those that don't. Sustainable investing is not only a way to create impact; it can be a smart avenue to pursue as well. And you can invest with as little as $100.

http://click.emails.sierraclub.org/?qs=5bb998cd22fe15e2e24dd41f8ffaa88ffe8f7c99a6be658c401cb020ce8a953060613af57b0171c39a206ade435afbde653bf27bfa0cbfee Stop putting money in the pocket of big banks. Profit and protecting the planet can go hand in hand. Click here to learn more about sustainable investing with Aspiration.

Aspiration trusts you to pay what is fair and donates 10% of its revenue to charitable causes.

The company gives a dime of every dollar it earns to helping provide microloans to low-income Americans. Instead of charging high fees, Aspiration does the opposite: it lets you choose the fee you pay. You can even pay zero if you choose. In contrast, Big Banks take over $100 million a year of the fees you pay them and spend it on http://click.emails.sierraclub.org/?qs=5bb998cd22fe15e21de8d830f7bbb49b6a3ffc025c7340b236bad20ed3bf1c264e99ebc247959da3d6f95324d17556f906081f67fd7c968f lobbying and campaign contributions .

http://click.emails.sierraclub.org/?qs=5bb998cd22fe15e2e24dd41f8ffaa88ffe8f7c99a6be658c401cb020ce8a953060613af57b0171c39a206ade435afbde653bf27bfa0cbfee Fossil-fuel-free investing can mean more green in your wallet and a greener planet all at the same time. And Aspiration will make a donation to support the Sierra Club's work for each member or supporter who invests. Click here to see if Aspiration is right for you.

Disclaimer: In addition to the donations to support the Sierra Club, the Sierra Club may receive other payments from time to time as part of Aspiration's participation in the Sierra Club's business partnership program (including marketing or advertising expenses). Payments to the Sierra Club (including Aspiration's donations) will have no impact on any fees you may pay in connection with any investments you make or on any other aspect of your account with Aspiration. The Sierra Club is working to raise awareness of sustainable investment strategies, but the Sierra Club is not an investment adviser or a securities broker. It has no expertise in the evaluation of investments and is not qualified to make (and is not making) recommendations to any person regarding investments (including whether you should invest with Aspiration). You should evaluate a potential investment with Aspiration based on your personal financial situation and goals, in consultation with your own advisers.





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