The future of the Tonto depends on you!

By Newsroom America Feeds at 3 Nov 2017

Take Action with the Sierra Club Make your community's voice heard in the final plan -- RSVP today! Will you speak up for the Tonto?

Your community's input is crucial to the future of this urban National forest -- RSVP today!

Fall Colors in Tonto National Forest, Credit: USDA

Dear Miriam,

The Tonto National Forest will be hosting its last round of public meetings for 2017 -- and your voice is incredibly important!

The Tonto is the fifth largest national forest in the United States and is home to a variety of birds and mammals as well as diverse species of plant life. The Tonto is considered an “urban” forest because of its proximity to Phoenix and its high visitation by city residents.

Our participation at these meetings is key to ensuring that what we need and want from our forest managers is heard and understood. Will you speak up for the Tonto?

Upcoming U.S. Forest Service meetings:

- *Mesa, Tuesday, November 7
- Cave Creek, Wednesday, November 8
- Roosevelt, Monday, November 13
- Payson, Tuesday, November 14
- Young, Wednesday, November 15
- Globe/Miami, November 16
- Superior, Monday, November 20
- *Phoenix, Tuesday, November 21
*Sierra Club staff in attendance

When: Most events 5 - 7 p.m., Young meeting is 2 - 4 p.m.

Questions? Contact Alicia Hamilton at

RSVP today!

These meetings will provide us with an update on the forest planning process, a summary of comments received from the communities over this past summer, as well as next steps. You'll also have the opportunity to provide your own public comment on how you think the Tonto's 2.8 million acres should be managed.

With a forest that sees so much visitation it is essential that we have a forest plan that provides adequate protection for plants, wildlife, and people. These public meetings are a valuable part of the planning process -- ensuring that the Forest Service has the necessary guidance of the community.

Check out details for a meeting near you and RSVP to speak out for the Tonto today!

Right now, we’re in Phase 2 of the forest plan revision; a process that began in early 2014 and will most likely take us into 2019. It's a long process, but the decisions made now will last for decades, so we must take every opportunity we can to include the voice of our community in the final plan. Sierra Club staff will be present at the November 7th meeting in Mesa and the November 21 meeting in Phoenix, we hope to see you there!

Alicia Hamilton
Sierra Club - Our Wild America

P.S. It's so important as Arizonans to have a part in the future of our public lands -- the more, the better! Invite your friends, family and social media networks to the meetings!

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Want to learn more? Visit the National Forest Service's Tonto Planning website for details, and more ways for you to get involved!


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