Sierra Club Navigator October 2017 - Panther protection imperiled, Irma grants awarded, save our water!

By Newsroom America Feeds at 28 Oct 2017

Sierra Club protests Trump Interior Secretary's visit to Everglades National Park

Sierra Club led a protest earlier this month at Everglades National Park to send a strong message to President Trump's Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke about the urgent need to act on climate and protect public lands. Protesters chided him for his climate denial in the face of stronger hurricanes and sea level rise. Zinke has been in the news recently about connections with Whitefish Energy , a 2-person Montana company, based in his home town, which offered a no-bid contract to restore Puerto Rico's power for $300 million. This overshadowed his announcement of the largest U.S. offshore oil lease sale in Interior Department history to take place in the Gulf of Mexico off of TX, LA, MS, AL and Florida's coasts. Read more about the Everglades protest ...

Panther status in jeopardy under Trump Administration review

Every five years, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS) conducts a review of the Florida Panther's endangered status. This time, many are concerned that the Trump Administration will downlist the big cats to appease ranchers and developers who have long fought against the status. The Federal government and the state of Florida claim there are up to 230 panthers now living in southwest Florida. The Sierra Club, however, says those numbers are inflated, and the population in 2015, at its highest, was 139. Read the Sierra Magazine story ...

Event at Cedar Key marks 150th anniversary of Sierra Club founder John Muir's walk to Florida's Gulf

The Sierra Club invites you to a two-day conference, Nov. 10-11, on Cedar Key examining how climate change is affecting the island's present and future and celebrating John Muir's historic "Thousand-Mile Walk to the Gulf," which ended there 150 years ago. Day one of the conference includes presentations by experts on Cedar Key's history, planning for adaptation to sea level rise. On day two, we'll explore John Muir's time in Florida including his fight with malaria and the formation of his ideas on nature. We will also re-dedicate Cedar Key's John Muir Historical marker! You can sign up for either day or both days. View itinerary & register ...

Sierra Club awards initial grants for Hurricane Irma recovery

The Sierra Club has been collecting donations on behalf of those most impacted by Hurricane Irma in Florida. We pledged to donate 100% of that money to community-led groups that are working to help the most affected. We have chosen committed and effective groups that share our values of equality and dedication to help those impacted by Irma through the weeks, months, and years to come. We are pleased to share some early examples of the relief efforts. Meet the grantees ...

Businesses and groups tell Governor not to inject fresh water deep underground

Organizations and businesses from the Panhandle to the Keys are joining together to send the Governor a clear message: Deep Injection Wells within the Lake Okeechobee Watershed are contrary to Everglades Restoration. The deep injection wells would squander billions of gallons of fresh water ultimately needed to be stored and cleaned south of Lake Okeechobee, before flowing south through the Everglades. This costly endeavor would divert money away from critical restoration projects turning the water cycle into a one-way ticket down. Read the letter ...

Tell federal energy agency to shut down Sabal Trail Pipeline

Last summer, a panel of judges ruled to invalidate a Federal energy agency's approval of the 515-mile, fracked gas Sabal Trail pipeline already running from Alabama to Florida. The court found that agency failed to consider greenhouse gas pollution from burning fracked gas delivered via the pipeline. Now all of us have an opportunity to ask the agency to deny approval of the pipeline until alternatives are reviewed and, during this process, turn off the gas. Take action ...

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