Trump and Rick Perry’s plan to bail out coal

By Newsroom America Feeds at 22 Oct 2017

Trump's and Rick Perry's plan to bail out dirty, expensive coal plants is to make them more expensive and raise your bills?!? Oppose the Department of Energy's Coal Bailout Plan now!

Dear Miriam,

Last year Trump's Energy Secretary Rick Perry -- you know, the former governor of Texas and best friend to the fossil fuel industry -- didn't even know what the Department of Energy did. And now he is using his newly-discovered authority to bail out some of the dirtiest and most expensive power plants in the country.

Perry thinks that electrical customers (you) should pay more to prop up dirty coal and nuclear plants. They can't compete with cheaper, cleaner renewable energy, so their owners want a bailout. And Secretary Perry has ordered the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) to give them one. FERC will be accepting public comments on this plan through Monday. Submit your comment now. Tell FERC not to bail out dirty coal plants.

This unprecedented proposal[1] by the Trump administration is based on the false belief that cleaner energy sources are unreliable and power plants with fuel located on-site are needed to guarantee the "resiliency" of the electricity system. It clearly contradicts the Department of Energy's own recent study of electricity markets, which clearly demonstrated that this proposal is not justified.[2]

It also ignores what we have observed time after time -- coal piles are prone to freeze over, flood out, or otherwise become useless during extreme weather. On-site fuel is no guarantee of reliability, despite Perry's insistence otherwise.

Both current and former FERC commissioners, as well as members of Congress, power sector and financial industry interests, industrial customers, renewable energy companies, trade organizations, even some of the biggest polluters, and many others have expressed opposition to or concern with DOE's proposal.[3]Everyone agrees it would unravel competitive electricity markets and increase costs to consumers with no benefits.[4] Add your name to the growing chorus of people opposed to FERC's dirty coal and nuclear bailout and higher bills for you.

Thanks for everything you do to protect our planet,

Jonathan Levenshus Senior Campaign Representative Sierra Club Beyond Coal Campaign References [1] [2] [3] Articles about various groups opposing this plan: [4]


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