Stop Zinke from putting polluters over people

By Newsroom America Feeds at 21 Oct 2017

Don't let Secretary Zinke weaken the safeguards that protect our communities, our health, and our climate.

Submit a comment to keep strong methane safeguards in place.


Carbon pollution is harmful. But methane pollution is whole lot worse. 84 times more potent, in fact.

Not only does it fuel climate change, methane and other toxic pollution is associated with both higher risks for cancer and increased asthma attacks for children. But Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke wants to weaken safeguards against methane pollution, giving corporate polluters a free pass to dump millions of tons of toxic pollution into our air.

Sec. Zinke’s reckless decision puts our communities, our climate, and our health at risk. Help us stop it by submitting a comment on this rule today.

Tell Secretary Zinke to side with Americans' health, not polluters.

Methane, and other co-pollutants that are released in fracking and other fossil fuel development, are dangerous health hazards, particularly to children and vulnerable individuals.

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM) recently finalized protections aimed at putting an end to venting and flaring of fracked gas and dangerous pollutants on public and tribal lands.These protections are cost-effective, common sense, and keep our communities healthier.

Now, Secretary Zinke is attempting to stall these vital standards for a year. We deserve better -- we cannot let the Trump administration sell out the health of our communities and expose us to harmful methane and toxic air pollution. Over 74,000 people live within a half-mile of an oil or gas facility on federal or tribal public lands -- venting, flaring, and leaking fracked gas spewing out of these facilities is polluting the air our children breathe and causing rates of asthma attacks in children to increase.

ACT NOW: Don't let Secretary Zinke give into pressure from corporate polluters.

We have a moral duty to protect the clean air our children need to breathe, but this administration has made it clear that they would rather take steps to allow more pollution into the air and risk our children’s lives all so they can help out corporate polluters.

Make no mistake: if Zinke stalls these standards, he’s letting corporate polluters off the hook, and communities will pay the price. We cannot allow this to happen – our communities, our climate, and our health depend on it.

Add your name to tell Secretary Zinke that he needs to put our health and climate first.

For our climate, our health, and to ensure a healthy future for our children, we must hold Secretary Zinke accountable.

Thank you for speaking out,

Matthew Gravatt Associate Legislative Director Sierra Club


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