Tell Congress to say NO to Trump’s border wall

By Newsroom America Feeds at 13 Oct 2017

Donald Trump expects Americans to pay for his southern border wall.

Tell your Senators to vote against using your tax dollars to fund this destructive project.

Dear Eric,

Donald Trump is now asking the Senate for billions of taxpayer dollars to build his southern border wall. Most Americans oppose the project, and we need your help to drive that point home before it's too late.

Trump's divisive, hateful plan to build a border wall between the United States and Mexico does not reflect who we are as a country. It's a terrible idea for many reasons. It wouldn't just cost us dollars -- the human cost, in sacred tribal lands divided, families torn apart, and lives lost in dangerous border crossings -- would be immense. And it would be a disaster for our environment, destroying wildlife refuges, blocking wildlife migration pathways, and increasing flooding in local communities.

Tell Congress: Say NO to Trump's Border Wall!

During the campaign, Trump touted the border wall to stoke fear and intolerance against immigrants. Despite repeated promises that it wouldn't cost us a dime, he's since threatened everything from government funding to DACA protections as political leverage to try to force it through.

The U.S.-Mexico border is home to vibrant communities, awe-inspiring wild places, the ancestral lands of 26 federally recognized tribal nations, and working farms and ranches. In many places, people have lived peaceful lives on both sides of the border for generations -- raising families, working, shopping, and visiting loved ones. Together, we must fight any effort to separate people from their homes, livelihoods, cultural history, and stop the environmental destruction a barrier brings to our national parks, monuments, and wildlife refuges.

Our goal is to have 150,000 people speak out against this outrageous plan that is motivated by hatred and bigotry.

Add your name today to the joint action we're coordinating with our allies, and we'll be sure to deliver it to Congress before the budget vote!

Thanks for standing with us to protect the natural AND human environment.


Kirin Kennedy Associate Director for Legislative Advocacy Sierra Club


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