"Just get it done": Soldier and Puerto Rico native goes extra mile for woman in need in wake of Hurr

By Newsroom America Feeds at 12 Oct 2017

"Don't worry, we're going to do some good today," he says with a wink. The wink seems almost unconscious, like he doesn't realize he's doing it. Like you're both sharing a joke, but the situation isn't one to laugh about. Maj. Manuel Menendez, commander of the 759th Forward Surgical Team, 44th Medical Brigade out of Fort Bragg, North Carolina, and a native of Isla Verde in San Juan, Puerto Rico, is just one of many service members currently contributing to the relief efforts in Puerto Rico in the wake of the devastating effects of Hurricane Maria. Menendez volunteered to work with the 14th Combat Support Hospital, 44th Medical Brigade from Fort Benning, Georgia when he heard they were heading to his island to open a field hospital to assist the Humacao, Puerto Rico municipality in providing lifesaving healthcare to their citizens.



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