This toxic pesticide doesn't belong anywhere near the food we eat!

By Newsroom America Feeds at 8 Oct 2017

Dear Eric,

Produced by Dow Chemical, chlorpyrifos is a commonly used pesticide on everything from corn to strawberries and broccoli. In 2016, the EPA proposed a total ban of the toxic chemical, citing the health risks to children and farmworkers.

But after Trump's EPA chief Scott Pruitt visited with the CEO of Dow Chemical and the company made a $1 million donation to Trump's inaugural festivities, the EPA abruptly reversed the ban. By ignoring the advice of the EPA's own scientists, Scott Pruitt is putting us at risk for years to come.

Add your name to demand the EPA ban the use of the harmful pesticide chlorpyrifos on our food!

Chlorpyrifos continues to be the most heavily-used insecticide in the U.S. and is one of the leading causes of acute poisoning. Children, pregnant people, and farmworkers are particularly at risk from exposure to the chemical.1

Even consuming very small amounts of the chemical can have a severe effect on the neurological development of children.2 Exposure to chlorpyrifos, including in the womb, is linked to various developmental disorders including far-reaching effects on brain development and behavioral functioning. Farmworkers and those who live near treated farms are also in danger, facing higher levels of exposure, the risk of toxic drift, and threats to drinking water.

Scott Pruitt seems more interested in protecting the profits of the chemical industry than our communities. Speak out now and demand the EPA protect us from this toxic chemical.

Add your name to demand the EPA stop Dow Chemical from poisoning our children and our communities!


A.Tianna Scozzaro

Director, Gender, Equity, & Environment Program

Sierra Club

1. The Poison Found in Kitchens and Farms Across America , Compass.

2. Prenatal Exposure to Insecticide Chlorpyrifos Linked to Alterations in Brain Structure and Cognition , Columbia University.


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