MMWR Vol. 66 / No. SS-18

By Newsroom America Feeds at 5 Oct 2017


"MMWR" Surveillance Summaries Vol. 66, No. SS-18 October 06, 2017


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Suicide Trends Among and Within Urbanization Levels by Sex, Race/Ethnicity, Age Group, and Mechanism of Death United States, 20012015 Asha Z. Ivey-Stephenson, PhD; Alex E. Crosby, MD; Shane P. D. Jack, PhD; et al.

Suicides rates in rural areas are higher than suicide rates in more urban areas, and understanding demographic trends and mechanisms of death is important to developing and targeting prevention efforts. This report examines annual county-level trends in suicide rates during 20012015 by county urbanization level, sex, race/ethnicity, age group, and mechanism of death.

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