Expert Alert: World Food Day is focused on migration. We have a solution.

By Newsroom America Feeds at 5 Oct 2017

"Change the Future of Migration" is the theme for World Food Day on October 16. But what is the link between hunger and migration? We have an answer.

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** Expert Alert: World Food Day is focused on changing the future of migration. We have a solution that can address both hunger and migration. "Change the Future of Migration" is the theme for World Food Day ( on October 16, 2017. But what is the link between hunger and migration? And what would it take to change the future?

IISD ( and the International Food Policy Research Institute ( (IFPRI) have an answer to that question.

In the context of the current refugee crisis—and the rhetoric surrounding international migration—we investigated how international migration is affected by economic growth, hunger and increased agricultural productivity.

We found that economic growth was the strongest driver affecting migration levels, both at a global level and in Africa.

We found no discernible relationship between either hunger or increasing agricultural productivity and migration. This is a significant finding since it means that solving either the hunger problem alone or the productivity gap alone will not directly impact international migration. Instead, it depends on how we invest in reducing hunger and how multiple drivers are addressed.

We concluded that donors should focus on investing in agriculture and food systems beyond the farm level.

More details are available in our 8-page paper "What is the Link Between Hunger and Migration ( ." This builds on previous research we have performed on estimating the cost of ending hunger. (

We will be presenting this and other research next week during a side event on trade, investment and food security ( at the Committee on World Food Security's CFS 44 ( conference in Rome.

To speak with either of the experts below, please contact Mira Oberman at moberman ( ( or +1 (204) 958 7700 ext. 728.

Carin Smaller is a legal expert and IISD Associate who has been working on agriculture and food security issues for 15 years.

Carin's experience ranges from working on small development projects in Africa and Asia to supporting the reform of the World Trade Organisation's Agreement on Agriculture. She has advised dozens of governments in Africa and South East Asia on laws, contracts and policies that promote responsible and sustainable investment in agriculture. Carin has written extensively on the subject of trade, investment, agriculture and food security and is the author of IISD's model contract for land investments.

A full list of Carin's IISD publications—including a recent blog on three ways to end hunger ( —is available on her profile page ( .

Dr. David Laborde Debucquet is a Senior Research Fellow in the Markets, Trade and Institutions Division and the Theme Leader on Macroeconomics and Trade for IFPRI.

His research interests include international trade, measurement and modelling of protectionism, multilateral and regional trade liberalization, and environmental issues such as the impacts of climate change and use of biofuels. Recently, he has been focusing on costing the roadmap to achieving SDG2 in a globalized context while considering the role of goods, capital, and migration flows.

A list of David's recent blogs is available on his profile page ( .

Please contact Mira Oberman at moberman ( ( or +1 (204) 958 7700 ext. 728 who can assist you in arranging an interview with our experts.

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