Tomorrow is too late to fight Trump on this

By Newsroom America Feeds at 4 Oct 2017

Take Action with the Sierra Club

Dear Miriam,

This is it: to keep fighting for a safe climate, we need to stop the Trump administration from rolling back cleaner car standards.

Submit your comment before the deadline tomorrow -- our last chance to get on record and call out Donald Trump and Scott Pruitt for siding with corporate polluters at the expense of public health.


For years now, thanks to the Obama Administration's Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) and greenhouse gas emissions standards, cars and trucks sold today have the technology to decrease oil use, harmful air pollutants, and dangerous emissions which leave our families sick and our climate in peril.

No corporation's profit margin is worth reversing this progress to further cloud our neighborhoods in smog and pollution.

Send in your comment before the deadline tomorrow. Tell Trump and Pruitt you want cleaner car standards to stay in place that keep our air clean and our climate safe:

We cannot ignore that passenger cars drive our oil consumption, accounting for nearly 50 percent of all the oil we burn in the United States.

These vehicle standards that are under attack mark one of the biggest steps the country has ever taken to cut carbon pollution. And with the Clean Power Plan stuck in the courts, they remain one of our best hopes to stop dangerous emissions.

Turning back now to re-do the standards' review process is not only reckless, but a waste of taxpayer money and a blatant attempt by the administration to put corporate polluters' profits before the well-being of American families.

Tell Trump and Pruitt what you think of this administration asking you to spend more money on fossil fuels. Submit your comment now to defend cleaner car standards:

If you're sick of Pruitt and Trump putting corporate interests ahead of actual people, it's time to speak out before we lose the opportunity tomorrow -- we need your voice today.

Thanks for taking action,

Andrew Linhardt

Deputy Legislative Director for Transportation Sierra Club


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