Tell Congress to reject Trump’s Wall

By Newsroom America Feeds at 30 Sep 2017

Take Action with the Sierra Club Trump’s proposed Border Wall would cost billions of dollars while tearing apart communities and wild places. Trump's proposed Border Wall would cost billions of dollars while tearing apart communities and wild places.

Tell Congress to reject Trump's devastating wall.

Dear Miriam,

Donald Trump is demanding billions of dollars to build his wall -- a monstrosity that would carve an artificial barrier through living, breathing national parks, communities, and farm lands, and wreak havoc on the people and wildlife who call these border lands home. Now, only the Senate stands in the way of approving the use of your taxpayer dollars for the project's down payment.

Tell your senators to reject funding for Trump's destructive border wall.

The U.S.-Mexico border is home to vibrant communities, awe-inspiring wild places, the ancestral lands of 26 federally recognized tribal nations, and working farms and ranches. In many places, people live their lives on both sides of the border -- raising families, working, shopping, and visiting loved ones. In Big Bend National Park, visitors can stand on the U.S. side of the Rio Grande River and marvel at the wild, remote, and breathtaking desert landscape in Mexico. For farmers and ranchers whose land saddles the border, the threat of eminent domain hangs in balance as this fight continues. And knowing how devastating this wall would be, the Tribal leadership of the Tohono O'odham Nation has protested the wall in front of the United Nations and insisted that "over their dead body" will the wall be built on their land.1

Together, we must fight any effort to separate people from their homes, livelihoods, cultural history, and stop the environmental destruction a barrier brings to our national parks, monuments, and wildlife refuges.

Take action today, and tell your senators to vote no on funding this costly, destructive border wall.

When the House of Representatives approved funding for part of the wall earlier in the summer, they ignored the majority of Americans who oppose this devastating and cruel idea.2 Now, the responsibility to be on the right side of history belongs to the Senate. Tell your senators to reject any funding for Trumps border wall.

Thanks for all you do,

Dan Millis
Borderlands Program Organizer
Sierra Club

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1) To learn more about the wildlife and people who reside along the border:
2) Most Americans continue to oppose U.S. border wall, doubt Mexico would pay for it, PEW Research, February 24, 2017


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