BREAKING: HHS Sec. resigns. So must Zinke & Pruitt!

By Newsroom America Feeds at 29 Sep 2017

We've had ENOUGH of wasteful spending by Trump's cabinet members!

Demand that Sec. Zinke and Administrator Pruitt also resign because of their gross misuse of taxpayer dollars.

Dear Miriam,

Just hours ago, Health and Human Service Secretary Tom Price resigned amid scandals over his abuse of private travel using taxpayer dollars.

But he's not the only member of President Trump's cabinet to abuse the money entrusted in them to do their work. Secretary of Interior Ryan Zinke and EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt have also spent close to a million taxpayer dollars on superfluous travel and other expenses.

Sec. Price felt the pressure and has resigned. Now Zinke and Pruitt should feel the heat, too. If enough of us send them a message and share our outrage, we can get them to resign as well.

Tell Sec. Zinke and Administrator Pruitt to resign NOW! They demand the same fate as Sec. Price for abusing the money of hardworking Americans.

In June, Zinke spent $12,000 on a charter flight in an oil executive's jet, when commercial options were available for as cheap as $300. [1]

And Pruitt has racked up nearly a million dollars himself in abusive spending since taking office. He has doubled his personal security detail [2], is constructing an unnecessarily private soundproof office [3], and has spent nearly $58,000 worth of private chartered and military flights. [4]

Zinke and Pruitt have taken this luxurious travel and unnecessary expenses and sent their departments -- that's us, hardworking Americans -- the bill.

We look at all this news that has surfaced in the past few days, and we've had ENOUGH. This gross misconduct is unacceptable and irresponsible. They must be held accountable.

Join us in demanding that Zinke and Pruitt resign immediately. This kind of fiscal irresponsibility has no place in top positions in our government.

Thank you for speaking up for accountability in our leaders,

Michael Bosse Deputy National Program Director Sierra Club

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