Maria destroyed Puerto Rico. You can help.

By Newsroom America Feeds at 29 Sep 2017

Take Action with the Sierra Club

Utter devastation. We are trying to rebuild. But we need your help. You can help by making a donation to support relief and recovery efforts happening now.

100% of donations will go to community-led recovery efforts. DONATE NOW


It was just over a week ago that Maria hit, and our situation is even worse than people imagined.

Many cell towers are down, and few calls are going through. Most of our island remains without power. Families are hauling water home from government tankers in buckets and plastic trash cans. Many ATMs don't work and people are running out of cash, leaving them with no way to pay for food. We have few operational hospitals, putting those on life support at risk because their hospitals have run out of fuel. Plus, doctors are reporting they're on their last day or two of supplies.

The Trump administration only yesterday issued the Jones Act waiver that might help get the fuel to keep those generators running, but there's a catch -- it's only waived for 10 days. We could be without power for 6 months. And there's still no dedicated aid package, despite the fact that our situation grows more desperate by the hour.

The Sierra Club will work with community-based partners who can be on the ground to alleviate these unlivable conditions.

We have so much to do, and a short window to do it. 100% of funds donated will go directly to community-led recovery efforts -- and literally save lives hanging in the balance. Please, rush whatever you can to the Sierra Club's Maria relief efforts now. Remember, 100% of funds donated will go directly to community-led recovery efforts.

Eric, acute crises like lack of potable water and food shortages are immediate concerns, but serious economic and public-health crises loom large.

Maria wiped out 80% of Puerto Rico's crop value. Most of the plantain, coffee, and yam crops that make up the island's agricultural sector -- which was just beginning to see a post-industrial renaissance -- have been flattened. That means our island, which already imported 85% of its food, will need to import even more. Food prices will skyrocket, and farmers whose plants take ten years to grow may never recover.

And my low-income neighbors who've already suffered decades of environmental injustice now face an uptick in heat-related sickness -- temps have soared over 90 degrees Fahrenheit this week -- bacterial and mosquito-borne illnesses, and longer-term ailments caused by toxins released into the water from our 23 Superfund sites.

Until my community sees more action from the government, to be frank, we are counting on friends and supporters like you. Our partners on the ground are working on both crisis relief and improvements that will last beyond the next storm, like clean-energy microgrids, new homes that actually meet building codes, and more. Your support will help now and in the weeks and months to come, when partners in Puerto Rico will need resources to move from relief to recovery and help rebuild the island in a sustainable way.

Please, rush whatever you can. I can promise your contribution will make a lifesaving difference to my friends and neighbors. Please, rush $5 or whatever you can to help our community-led Maria relief efforts in Puerto Rico now.

Thank you so much for your empathy and generosity at this truly frightening time. I will keep you updated as things develop here on the ground. I am sure there will be more ways you can help.


Adriana Gonzalez, Environmental Justice Organizing Representative, Sierra Club Puerto Rico Chapter


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