Tell Congress: Puerto Rico needs our help

By Newsroom America Feeds at 27 Sep 2017

Dear Eric,

Widespread destruction and catastrophic flooding from Hurricane Maria leaves no room for delay to aid Puerto Rico. Yet Congress is stalling to help Americans in need.

On the heels of Hurricane Irma, Maria's direct hit has ravaged Puerto Rico's communities with a force not seen in 80 years.

I am a Puerto Rican native and resident. Right now, my neighbors and your fellow U.S. citizens do not have clean drinking water, power, or access to roads to seek help and evacuate -- that's just the damage we know for now until communication is fully restored. Call on Congress immediately: urge them to fast-track emergency relief funding to Puerto Rico.

While Donald Trump isn't doing much more than tweeting, we must rally for swift action to rebuild sustainably from this domestic disaster. Emergency aid is the best hope for Puerto Rico's recovery in the midst of crisis. Families across Puerto Rico already face environmental injustices brought on by an inequitable relationship with the United States and foreign companies -- manifested in a vulnerable housing, illegal toxic dumping sites, and an electric grid so fragile it could be months before it operates again.Maria's magnitude made these existing hazards and systemic problems much worse. Only a long-term solution can restore Puerto Rico's communities, economy, and infrastructure, which is needed immediately.

Show solidarity with your fellow Americans: demand Congress act now to pass a special hurricane aid and relief package for Puerto Rico.

Thank you for your support,

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