Eat local and organic this October

By Newsroom America Feeds at 24 Sep 2017

Team Sierra We'll effect change on our own terms.

Hi Peter,

Last month, we asked each member of our For Tomorrow community to join us for 12 challenges to reduce their carbon footprint. This September, over 300 people have committed to make their commute greener by driving less, biking and walking more, and taking public transportation.

Now we're gearing up for our next challenge starting October 1, and you can join our community today!

The money you raise is important because it will help us reach goals like getting 100 cities to commit to 100% clean energy plans, shutting down more coal plants, and advocating for stronger environmental protections. The actions that you take are important because they will reduce carbon emissions and educate and inspire others to challenge themselves.

By joining us today, you are committing to providing a better future #ForTomorrow. Start now by greenifying your commute, and in 7 days, join our October challenge -- Eat Local and Organic Foods.

Small changes in your everyday lives can make a huge difference for the future of our planet. In October, focus on shopping at your local Farmer's Market, check the labels on food at the grocery store, and eat at restaurants that use local ingredients.

Sound like something you're interested in? Join today.

This is just the beginning of a long commitment to protect our climate. Climate change is a global problem, and it will take a global solution. You are a part of a massive moment, and we like what you’re doing.

Thank you,

Jessica Dean
Team Sierra Manager

P.S. Check out a full list of our challenges here.


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