Stop the National Monument Sellout

By Newsroom America Feeds at 20 Sep 2017

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Stop the National Monuments Sellout

After months of secrecy, details of Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke's report on national monuments were leaked in the press this past weekend. To virtually no one's surprise, Zinke's report recommends that President Trump shrink the size of four national monuments and open six others to mining, drilling, logging, and other industrial and commercial exploitation. But the president cannot abolish or shrink a national monument without congressional approval, so we are taking the fight to Congress, which has the power to stop these shameful rollbacks. Tell your members of Congress to stand strong and block this attack on our public lands.

Photo of Indian Creek in the northern part of the Bears Ears National Monument in the canyonlands area of San Juan County, Utah. Photo by Bob Wick, Bureau of Land Management

Lost in the Flood

We've now watched two successive powerful and unprecedented storms hit the United States, wreaking widespread devastation in Texas, Florida, and the Caribbean. The Sierra Club is supporting community-led relief and recovery efforts for both. You can donate to help the communities most devastated by Hurricane Harvey and by Hurricane Irma .

Beyond the destruction they've caused, what long-term effect might these storms have on our nation? Sierra Club executive director Michael Brune has two hopes. The first is that we'll see a renewed and urgent national conversation about climate change. The second is that we'll be able to stop another kind of destruction before it's too late.

Photo by photo by 1st Lt. Zachary West, Texas National Guard

Will Trump's Wall Stop the Jaguar's Comeback?

Jaguars are reappearing in the American Southwest, with sightings becoming more and more common. Sierra magazine's editor in chief, Jason Mark, went into the field to find out more about this amazing wildlife comeback story. It turns out that the cats are slowly reclaiming some of the territory they once called home -- without help from us. But now President Trump's proposed border wall could halt them in their tracks.

Photo courtesy of the Northern Jaguar Project/Naturalia

Jaguars and Border Walls Don't Mix

Watch rare footage of jaguars in the Sky Islands of the Sonoran Desert and learn about how Trump's border wall could affect the big cat's migration routes and habitat. Watch!

Check Out Our New Trips!

We've added new Sierra Club Outings that will bring you face to face with some of our most iconic landscapes—from the California desert with its breathtaking wildflower blooms to Alaska with its spectacular Northern Lights to Hawaii's world-renowned beaches. Or check out our tantalizing selection of international trips spanning the globe. Your next great life adventure awaits!

Photo by DC_Columbia/iStock

Let the EPA Do Its Job

Last week, Mary Anne Hitt, director of the Sierra Club's Beyond Coal campaign, spoke to the National Press Club in Washington, D.C., about the importance of fully funding the Environmental Protection Agency and allowing its staff do their jobs free of political interference. Read what she has to say in support of the public servants who stand up every day for the health of our families, clean air, and clean water.

One Email You Can Look Forward To

The world has problems aplenty these days, but it's important to remember that it is also overflowing with beauty. Treat yourself a regular reminder of why it's great to be alive by subscribing to the Sierra Club's Daily Ray of Hope. We'll send you an email every weekday that features one beautiful nature photo and a few wise or thoughtful words. That's it. Get some hope today.

Trump's Wall Threatens Native American Sovereignty

How do you draw a single borderline through three separate, overlapping nations? That's the predicament facing the Tohono O'odham Nation, a Native American tribe whose territory straddles the United States/Mexico border. The tribe's members are infuriated by the prospect of a border wall further dividing their ancestral lands.

Border Wall Super Tuesday

On Tuesday, September 5, seven cities across Texas's Rio Grande Valley approved anti-border wall resolutions in a show of grassroots opposition by the communities that would be most affected by the wall's construction. The municipalities of McAllen, Edinburg, Pharr, San Juan, Alamo, Palmview, and Sullivan City all unanimously approved resolutions, joining the cities of Brownsville, Mission, La Joya, and Weslaco—as well as the Hidalgo County Commissioners Court—in going on the record against President Trump's planned wall. Learn why U.S. border cities and counties are so opposed to the wall.

Photo by Daniel Blue Tyx

Don't Let Frackers Pollute Our Public Lands

The Trump administration is trying to remove environmental protections that would shield public and tribal lands and waters from the worst effects of fracking. The Bureau of Land Management's fracking rule was created to protect local water supplies and provide public disclosure of the chemicals used in fracking. Tell the BLM to protect people and public lands, not polluters.

Which Battery's Best?

Are rechargeable or long-life batteries the more environmentally responsible choice for electronics in your home like smoke detectors, cameras, and flashlights? According to Sierra magazine's Mr. Green, it all depends on how you'll be using them. Here's how to pick the right battery.

Support Strong Tailpipe Standards

Historic fuel-economy standards set by the Obama administration are under attack. Although the standards were just finalized earlier this year, the Trump administration is now reopening a review of the new regs that would put corporate interests ahead of public health and our climate. Tell the EPA you support a future with more fuel-efficient cars.

Just in Time for Halloween

Symbolically adopt a wild animal to support the Sierra Club's campaigns to protect bats and other threatened and endangered animals and the wild places they call home, and we'll send you an adorable puppet in return. Free shipping on all orders. Adopt a wild animal today!


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