Be Part of a Strong, Bold Voice in the Capitol

By Newsroom America Feeds at 17 Sep 2017

Dear Eric,

I'm privileged every day to work at a volunteer-driven organization that moves mountains. And, better yet, protects mountains from being moved.

Sierra Club members insist-no, demand-that California's elected leaders take actions to fight climate change, preserve our magnificent coast, protect spectacular natural areas, cherish forests, make way for renewable energy, conserve water and ensure that everyone has clean air to breathe.

But to be honest, this year has been one of the hardest years in the last decade to be an environmental advocate, even in California. Emboldened by actions in Washington, DC, big polluting interests, led by the oil industry, have manipulated the legislative process in Sacramento to make unexpected gains in their efforts to avoid pollution regulation.

Yet Sierra Club California continues to be a strong, bold voice for the environment in California because of the financial support of our members and allies--people like you (

We are more determined than ever to change the dynamic in Sacramento. Already, Sierra Club California volunteers are organizing teams to vet candidates and consider endorsements in the 2018 elections.

Additionally, to help engage Sierra Club members in the legislative fights as much and as often as this new era demands, we need to raise enough money to bring on a full-time organizer-especially to help the more than 30,000 new members in California (just since last November) be part of our strong voice in the Capitol.

You can help keep our staff active in the Capitol and fund a much-needed organizer by supporting Sierra Club California with a donation today (

If you've never given before, make your first donation now. If you've given before, thank you and please give again to help us continue to be the bold voice the environment needs in California.


Kathryn Phillips Director

P.S. Consider becoming a sustaining donor. Allow a monthly contribution to Sierra Club California to be charged automatically to your credit card. Sustaining donors help us plan our budgets better.


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