Appalachian Trail Threatened by Pipelines

By Newsroom America Feeds at 9 Aug 2017

The Sierra Club Insider

Appalachian Trail: A Really Lousy Place to Put Two Pipelines

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission has signed off on environmental impact statements for two pipelines that threaten the Appalachian Trail. The 300-mile Mountain Valley Pipeline would funnel natural gas drawn from the Northeast to an existing pipeline network in southwestern Virginia. The Atlantic Coast Pipeline would start from the same area and stretch twice as long. As Matt Smith reports, both projects would enable the continued burning of fossil fuels for decades to come, and endanger the Blue Ridge Mountains.

Everything You Need to Know About This Month's Total Solar Eclipse

The last total solar eclipse to touch the mainland United States was in February 1979, when the moon's shadow cut a small swath in the Northwest. Now, 38 years later, a total eclipse will occur again on August 21. Here's a complete guide for how to experience this rare astral event.

Public Lands Day of Action

The Trump administration's move to dismantle and degrade public lands is hugely unpopular with the public—and we're going to make sure the administration knows it. On August 24, Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke will be making a recommendation to the president as to which national monuments to shrink or rescind. But we the people can stop this giveaway to corporations and fossil fuel interests. That's why we're holding events around the country on August 19 to demonstrate the depth and breadth of support Americans hold for public lands. Find an event near you, then RSVP and spread the word!

A Way to Support Wind Energy

President Trump may withdraw the U.S. from the Paris Agreement and deny climate science, but he can't control the acceleration of clean energy. Sign up to support wind energy with Arcadia Power and get four free LED light bulbs.

Speaking Truth to Power

The Sierra Club and Al Gore's new documentary film, An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth to Power, are partnering to ask mayors, CEOs, pastors, principals, civic and community leaders, parents, and students to bring 100 percent clean energy to communities across the United States. And Sierra Club members and supporters have the opportunity to "buy one ticket, get one ticket free." Watch the Inconvenient Sequel trailer, find out how to get two tickets for the price of one, and tell your mayor that you're #Ready for 100!

Wait... He Said He Was Going to Drain the Swamp!

Everyone deserves clean water. Period. Yet the Trump administration, led by EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt, is trying to repeal clean water protections for one in three Americans. On July 27, the agency published a notice in the Federal Register that they want to remove commonsense protections for clean water, triggering a 30-day comment period for the public to weigh in. A group of former EPA employees has just published a guide to resisting the Trump administration's attempts to gut environmental protections, and they stress the importance of public comments in "making agencies listen." Submit your comment now!

Now's the Time to Book Your 2017 Backpacking Trip

It's backpacking season—and the high country is beckoning! Leave ordinary life behind and immerse yourself in a vast wilderness offering grand views, challenging terrain, and restful solitude in your choice of locations spanning the United States. Spaces are filling up fast, so reserve your spot now while there's still room!

Photo by Roger Grissette

A Standup Paddleboard Trip Down Montana's Blackfoot River

The waters of Montana's Blackfoot River once again run clear and cold. Trout are abundant. Grizzlies are back roaming its banks. A shining example of community-based restoration, the Blackfoot stands as one of the American West's great conservation success stories. Aaron Teasdale took to the Blackfoot via standup paddleboard to experience its magic for himself.

Photo by Aaron Teasdale

Using Nature as a Classroom

Former Los Angeles Unified School District teacher Nancy Le now works as a technical coach in the district, helping high-schoolers prepare for college and careers. She is also a Sierra Club volunteer leader who chairs the Angeles Chapter's Inspiring Connections Outdoors (ICO) program. "Taking my students on hikes gives me a way to connect with them in a non-academic setting," she says. "It's really important that kids learn to care about nature." Read more of what Le has to say about the rewards and the challenges of taking city kids out of their comfort zone and into the great outdoors.

Angeles Chapter ICO chair Nancy Le (second from right) on an ICO service outing in Aspen, Colorado.

The Kick--- Female Mountaineer You've Never Heard Of

History, so often penned by males, skips over many fascinating females. Hannah Kimberley introduces us to one of these overlooked heroines in A Woman's Place Is at the Top: A Biography of Annie Smith Peck, Queen of the Climbers. As Drew Higgins writes in her review for Sierra, Peck—a scholar, mountaineer, and suffragette in the early 1900s—made the first ascent of Peru's Mount Huascaran and once held the title of having been higher in elevation than any other woman.

Nature as Healer

The Butterfly Movement is a program and camp that aims to help girls of African descent experience what many otherwise wouldn't have access to: nature. The program's national director and CEO, Brandi Mack, says that for many young black women, being outside coincides with being "on alert" and having to maintain a "tough-girl exterior." As Amanda Davis reports, Camp Butterfly is an opportunity for them to have fun and truly be care-free in nature.

Photo courtesy of Brandi Mack and The Butterfly Movement

Golden State Climate Warriors

In the absence of federal leadership on the environment, states are stepping into the breach, picking up the slack, and carrying the climate torch. (More metaphors, anyone?) In California, Governor Jerry Brown and the state legislature have enacted legislation that requires the Golden State to cut carbon emissions to at least 40 percent below 1990 levels by 2030, while also investing in the communities that are being hit the hardest by climate change. And when the legislature returns from its summer recess this year, Governor Brown will likely have an opportunity to get even more ambitious. Find out how.

Protect Our Oceans From Big Oil and Gas

President Trump is scrapping the Obama administration's work to protect the Arctic and Atlantic oceans from Big Oil and Gas and has ordered the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) to develop a new five-year plan for offshore drilling. This will create potential—some might say the inevitability—for devastating spills in our oceans like the Exxon Valdez spill in Alaska and the Deepwater Horizon disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, to name just two. We can't allow this kind of tragedy to happen again. Tell BOEM to reject any plan that allows drilling off our coasts—the deadline for comments is August 17.

National Drive Electric Week

The seventh-annual National Drive Electric Week, September 9-17 this year, is a nationwide event celebrating electric vehicles and highlighting the benefits—and widespread availability—of today's all-electric and plug-in hybrid-electric cars, trucks, and motorcycles. At this writing there are more than 170 registered events across the globe featuring test drives, parades, and more. See for yourself how EVs are cleaner, cheaper, and more fun to drive than conventional vehicles Sign up to attend an event near you.

Stop KXL Once and for All

President Trump has approved the permit for the Keystone XL pipeline, reversing the Obama administration's rejection of the project. But TransCanada, the company behind this boondoggle, must still get approval to route the pipeline through Nebraska, and the Nebraska Public Service Commission (PSC) is taking public comments now. KXL was stopped before because people like you took 1.9 million actions, from sending letters to the White House to joining rallies across the country. We can stop it again by urging the Nebraska PSC to block KXL once and for all. But act now; the public comment deadline ends Friday, August 11!


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