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By Newsroom America Feeds at 12 Apr 18:16

Hi Peter,

Earth Day is in 10 days! Nearly 5,000 people across the country are supporting our Nationwide Hike on April 22. You can join our growing team! SIGN UP

Earth Day is all about celebrating the places you live, so folks will be hiking in their corners to represent #EveryCorner of our precious Earth. Check out why others have joined:

I'm fundraising to promote awareness of our natural resources and for the important work undertaken by Sierra Club. We must work even harder given the current administration and political climate! My husband, Matt, our dogs, and I plan to hike in Catoctin Mountain Park in Frederick County! - Adam Kerns, Frederick, MD

My passion for protecting the environment started on a field trip in 3rd grade to the Audubon Canyon Ranch. Mesmerized by its beauty, I then learned about the perils it faced -- perils that also face our planet at large. This Earth Day, my husband Michael and I will be climbing Mt. Waterman in the San Gabriel Mountains. - Ariana Kaiser Varnum, Los Angeles, CA

As I completed my thesis on diversity, equity and inclusion in the outdoors, I learned more about the Sierra Club’s awesome work in this realm. Fundraising is easy for me to do -- I tell my friends about the great work they are doing, and between that and my enthusiasm, people feel inspired to support my fundraiser! - Yonit Yogev, Olympia, WA

The money you raise is so important -- it goes to Sierra Club's mission to protect the places we live, like your corner. It transitions cities to 100% renewable energy, shuts down coal plants, and gets people outdoors. It makes a happier and healthier Earth that we, and future generations, can thrive on. Join Now

Why will you protect the planet this Earth Day?

Jessica Dean

Team Sierra Manager

P.S. When you raise $30, you get our exclusive 2018 exclusive Earth Day T-shirt ( you can see here ).T-shirts are available in male and female styles. Please allow 5-10 business days for arrival. Shipping only available in United States.


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