Adm. Michael Mullen and Nathalie Tocci Join NTI’s Board of Directors; Amb. Laura Holgate to Serve as Vice President, Material Security and Minimization; Ernest Moniz on MSNBC, and More

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April 12, 2018 Adm. Michael Mullen and Nathalie Tocci Join NTI’s Board of Directors; Amb. Laura Holgate to Serve as Vice President, Material Security and Minimization

Former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Michael Mullen and Nathalie Tocci, Director of the Istituto Affari Internazionali in Italy, have joined NTI’s Board of Directors. In addition, Ambassador Laura S. H. Holgate, former U.S. Representative to the Vienna Office of the United Nations and the International Atomic Energy Agency, has joined NTI as Vice President, Material Security and Minimization.

“We are delighted to welcome these new members to the NTI team,” said NTI CEO and Co-Chair Ernest J. Moniz. “Admiral Mullen brought bold and original thinking to his work as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and I’m confident he’ll do the same at NTI. Nathalie Tocci is an esteemed expert in security and defense policy and will add an excellent perspective to NTI’s mission of building a safer world.”

“We are excited to welcome Laura back to NTI,” NTI Co-Chair and former Senator Sam Nunn added. “Laura’s deep knowledge and impressive experience in reducing global dangers make her a leading global expert on nuclear threats and preventing terrorism. I am particularly proud of her important roles in the groundbreaking Nuclear Security Summits, which made significant progress in securing nuclear materials globally.” READ MORE MSNBC: Ernest Moniz On Iran, North Korea, and Verification NTI CEO and Co-Chair Ernest Moniz appeared on MSNBC’s The Last Word with Lawrence O'Donnell to discuss his recent Boston Globe op-ed, “On Iran and North Korea: Don’t trust, and verify, verify, verify.” Moniz spoke about the Iran Deal’s permanent verification and monitoring provisions, which provide a useful and critical framework for any future negotiations about North Korea’s nuclear program. “A serious negotiation between the U.S. and North Korea and other regional powers can only go forward on the basis of having a very strong verification regime,” Moniz said. To watch the video, in which Moniz' portion begins at the 2-minute mark, CLICK HERE More than 21 Countries Tackle Technical Challenges to Nuclear Disarmament Two weeks ago, more than 90 experts from 21 countries made progress in their efforts to identify challenges and develop potential solutions assocaited with nuclear disarmament verification. The International Partnership for Nuclear Disarmament Verification (IPNDV) working group meeting was hosted by the Swedish Ministry of Foreign Affairs and continued Phase II of the Partnership. IPNDV is a unique public-private partnership between State and NTI and includes countries with and without nuclear weapons. READ MORE Atlanta Workshop Focuses on Efforts to Strengthen Radiological Security Nuclear regulators, researchers, medical providers, and first responders met in Atlanta last month to discuss potential response to a “dirty bomb” attack using radiological material commonly found in cesium blood irradiators in hospitals. The workshop, hosted by NTI and the National Nuclear Security Administration (NNSA), focused on steps other cities have taken to reduce radiological security threats and what different roles responders would play in the case of an attack. Learn more about these radiological security risks on NTI’s website. To read about the Atlanta event, CLICK HERE

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