Arctic Refuge Under Attack

By Newsroom America Feeds at 26 Jul 2017

The Sierra Club Insider

Trump's Toxic Trade Template

The Trump administration has released its NAFTA negotiating objectives, and they show it would adopt the toxic template of the defeated Trans-Pacific Partnership: Powerful corporations would get even more handouts, while workers and the environment would be left behind. Tell your members of Congress that any renegotiation of NAFTA must benefit people and our climate, not multinational corporations.

Reaching the Goals of Paris

At the G20 Summit, President Trump was at odds with every other nation on the importance of the Paris climate agreement. He wants the U.S. to pull out—but does that mean we will abandon the goals? Sierra Club executive director Michael Brune isn't so sure.

Photo by Yann Arthus-Bertrand / Spectral Q

In Defense of the Worst-Case Scenario

In a recent article for New York magazine, David Wallace-Wells raised the prospect of a not-so-distant future when large portions of Earth may become inhospitable to human life, if not totally uninhabitable. The article, now the most-read in the magazine's history, has provoked widespread debate about its research and doom-laden tone. Sierra magazine's editor-in-chief Jason Mark weighs in on the controversy with a defense of the article's overall purpose: to grab the attention of people who don't spend much time thinking about climate change.

Image courtesy of New York magazine

Help Lead the EV Charge

Attention: Event organizers needed! With the 7th annual National Drive Electric Week just two months away (Sept. 9-17), we still need events in South Dakota, Montana, Mississippi, New Mexico, Minnesota, West Virginia, and Arkansas in order to reach our 50-state goal! More than 170 events across the globe will feature plug-in electric vehicle test drives, parades, and more. Find out how to register an event or volunteer to help with an existing one.

Your Investment Dollars Can Help Save Our Climate

The Trump administration's decision to pull America out of the Paris climate agreement means we can't count on government action alone to keep the planet safe for future generations. Aspiration, a Sierra Club partner, is a financial firm that has investment products that can help you make a difference. Aspiration's sustainable investing accounts and IRAs are not only 100 percent fossil-fuel-free but also invest in companies with strong social and environmental responsibility-and an account can be opened with an investment of as little as $100. Find out more.

Last Chance for Summer Excitement

Peak season for getting outdoors is here—but not for much longer! Make the most of it and book your Sierra Club summer adventure before it's too late. Take your choice of backpack, lodge, family, service, international, and loads more. See all trips and sign up.

Photo by Holiday River Expeditions

Unscrambling the Mystery of Eggs

Why do bird eggs come in so many shapes and sizes? Princeton University ornithologist and evolutionary biologist Mary C. Stoddard wondered exactly that, and assembled a team of researchers to find the answer. They photographed 50,000 eggs from 1,400 bird species and ran the images through a computer program called Eggxtractor. The data revealed a surprising correlation.

Photo courtesy of the Harvard Museum of Comparative Zoology

Women in the Lead

For the first time in the Sierra Club's history, our board of directors has elected an all-female executive committee. Loren Blackford is the new board president, Susana Reyes is the new vice president, Robin Mann is the new secretary, Liz Walsh is returning as treasurer, and Margrete Strand-Rangnes is the new fifth officer. Learn more about what this milestone means for our equity, inclusion, and justice goals.

The Owl: Nature's Wide-Eyed Riddle

Few avian species have inspired such rich iconography, across so many cultures and generations, as the owl. Well over 200 species of owls exist, on every continent except Antarctica. A new book, The Enigma of the Owl, chronicles 53 species in lush photography while also addressing the dangers owls face—from agriculture and pesticides to climate change. Check out this selection of photos and a profile of wildlife photographer David Tipling.

Photo courtesy of Yale University Press and David Tipling.

Teaching Kids the Best Climate Actions

High school teacher Seth Wynes had trouble answering the question whenever his students ask it: What can I do to stop climate change? He had a few ideas: Bike more. Take transit. Change your lightbulbs. But it bothered him that he didn't really know how effective those solutions were. He went back to school and this time focused on studying climate change. Wynes not only helped produce a ranked list of lifestyle choices kids could make to address the problem but also discovered that the most effective actions on his list were often ignored in educational climate-change materials. Learn more about Wynes's list, and which lifestyle choice makes the most difference.

Illustration by Robert Lez

Arctic National Wildlife Refuge Threatened

Proposed budget cuts for the EPA and the Department of the Interior would mean more dirty air and water in our communities. Even worse, the Trump administration is trying to sneak in a provision that would open the pristine Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to drilling. Tell your members of Congress to oppose any budget cuts that threaten the environment.


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