Stop Big Coal's wheelin’ and dealin’ at the EPA

By Newsroom America Feeds at 9 Apr 2018

Trump is trying to push in another climate change denier into leadership at the EPA. It's time to turn up the heat and tell your senators to keep a coal lobbyist from joining the EPA. ADD YOUR NAME


With current EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt clouded in scandal, the stakes have changed for Trump's nomination for the Deputy Administrator for the EPA. Andrew Wheeler has spent the last decade lobbying for corporate polluters and denies climate science -- and confirming him would be everything Scott Pruitt wants at the EPA.1

Such a leader at the EPA would pose a threat to the health and safety of everyone in America. Tell your senators NOT to confirm Andrew Wheeler -- a scandal-ridden coal lobbyist and climate change denier -- to be Scott Pruitt’s number two at the EPA.

The last thing the Senate should do is enable the dangerously corrupt Scott Pruitt any further by rushing to confirm his hand-picked deputy. Pruitt is 'under siege' for taking favors from fossil fuel lobbyists, and with Andrew Wheeler, he's simply trying to bring those lobbyists directly into the EPA. Wheeler would be a dangerous choice for a top spot at the Environmental Protection Agency. Miriam, add your name to block this climate change denier from getting anywhere close to the EPA.

Wheeler was advanced to the full Senate in a committee vote on party lines. But that vote happened right as senators were learning of a corruption scandal exposing that, while already the presumptive nominee, Wheeler had hosted fundraisers for two of the members who voted for him in committee: Senators Barrasso and Inhofe.2

We can't let that happen. Tell your senators to vote no on the pending confirmation vote on Andrew Wheeler. The American people deserve someone who will actually look out for public health instead of promoting polluter profits and opposing science and climate action at all costs.

Scott Pruitt is surrounded by a cloud of scandal that is getting thicker by the moment. Confirming Wheeler, with his own dangerous record and dirty dealings, would give Pruitt exactly what he wants. Because of this, Wheeler’s questionable ethics and conflicts of interest demand far deeper scrutiny, as well as a full and complete committee hearing. Otherwise, Wheeler could keep the EPA mired in scandal. It's time to turn up the heat and keep the EPA free of ethically corrupted climate change deniers. Sign here.

Thanks for all that you do,

Maura Cowley

Resist Campaign

Sierra Club ​1. Lisa Friedman, " Trump Nominates a Coal Lobbyist to Be No. 2 at E.P.A. " The New York Times, October 5, 2017.

2. Lee Fang and Nick Surgey, " Coal Lobbyist Hosted Fundraisers for Senators Evaluating his Nomination for Top EPA Post ," The Intercept, February 7, 2018. Share this alert on Facebook Share this alert on Twitter


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