MMWR Vol. 67 / No. 13

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"MMWR" Weekly Vol. 67, No. 13 April 06, 2018

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Prevalence of Asthma, Asthma Attacks, and Emergency Department Visits for Asthma Among Working Adults National Health Interview Survey, 20112016 Jacek M. Mazurek, MD, PhD; Girija Syamlal, MBBS.

The figure above is a photograph showing a man using an inhaler. Up to 51% of adult asthma cases might be related to work and could therefore potentially be prevented.

Phosphine Exposure Among Emergency Responders Amarillo, Texas, January 2017 Emily M. Hall, MPH; Ketki Patel, MD, PhD; Kerton R. Victory, PhD; et al.

State Medicaid Coverage for Tobacco Cessation Treatments and Barriers to Accessing Treatments United States, 20152017 Anne DiGiulio; Zach Jump, MA; Annie Yu; et al.

"Vital Signs": Containment of Novel Multidrug-Resistant Organisms and Resistance Mechanisms United States, 20062017 Kate Russell Woodworth, MD; Maroya Spalding Walters, PhD; Lindsey M. Weiner, MPH; et al.

"Notes from the Field": Pharmacy Needs After a Natural Disaster Puerto Rico, SeptemberOctober 2017 Amy M. Lavery, PhD; Anita Patel, PharmD; Tegan K. Boehmer, PhD; et al.

"Erratum": Vol. 67, No. 7

"QuickStats": Age-Adjusted Percentage of Adults Aged 25 Years Who Were Told in the Past 12 Months by a Doctor or Other Health Professional That They Had a Liver Condition, by Education Level National Health Interview Survey, 2016

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