HELP: Stop the Polluter-Driven Cap & Trade Bill Now!

By Newsroom America Feeds at 17 Jul 2017

Dear Eric,

Every so often, a bill evolves that is so larded up with special "gifts" to polluters that just reading it is painful.

That's the case with Assembly Bill 398 (, the cap-and-trade extension bill that the governor and legislative leaders have negotiated with Big Oil. It's time to stop this stinker before it locks California into a decade of too much pollution.

Call your State Assembly Member now and urge a NO vote when AB 398 comes to the Assembly Floor. A floor vote could happen as early as this afternoon, so don't delay.

Call Hon. Eggman at (916) 319-2013

The Assembly has some tough, smart environmental champions who want to make sure any cap-and-trade bill delivers real pollution reductions, not just false promises. They need to hear from their constituents today that AB 398 needs to go back to the drawing board.

AB 398 includes policies (http:///sites/ 398 Senate EQ Analysis 7-13-17.pdf) to restrict local air district control of certain pollution, end much-needed fire prevention fees, and create an industry sales tax exemption broad enough for environmentally damaging energy projects to be covered.

These all add up to gifts to special interests that undercut pollution control and environmental protection.

This summer, Californians are literally feeling the heat that comes from climate change. There's still time in this legislative session to craft a better cap-and-trade bill that controls climate pollution without risking other environmental protections.

Call your Assemblymember NOW and urge a NO vote on AB 398. If you get an answering machine, leave a message. Every call is counted.

Call Hon. Eggman at (916) 319-2013

You can say: "My name is __________ and I am a constituent. I want the Assemblymember to vote NO on AB 398. It's time to go back to the drawing board and write a better bill that isn't filled with pork for special interests."

Thanks for your help!! Sincerely,

Kathryn Phillips Director


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