Don't let bad art spoil our environment

By Newsroom America Feeds at 28 Mar 2018

The San Diego Commission for Arts and Culture has proposed to erect two 78 ft. straws, as public art, for the North City Pure Water Facility, serving as a "beacon" and "landmark encouraging viewers to pause and consider their relationship with drinking water."

Straws are single-use, disposable plastics used for only a few minutes and then thrown away. Straws adversely impact our food and drinking water, wildlife and fisheries, taxpayer’s wallets for cleanup and our quality of life. Nearly every piece of plastic straw ever made is still in existence. Add your voice!

The 2016 I Love a Clean San Diego Annual Report states that 15,976 plastic straws were collected from our beaches and that “Single-use disposable items are the most common items we found at our cleanup events.”

Let the City of San Diego and Commission for Arts and Culture know that this project is just plain BAD ART, an inappropriate symbol for the Pure Water program and should be rejected.


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