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By Newsroom America Feeds at 21 Mar 2018

URGENT: Sen. Lisa Murkowski is going after the Tongass National Forest on Friday. We can't stop her unless you step up -- right now. Become a monthly donor today.

They want to log these 800-year-old trees: Help protect the Tongass and all threatened wild places. Become a monthly donor today and we'll send you our Make America GREEN Again hat -- FREE. DONATE MONTHLY DONATE MONTHLY

Mary -- Eight hundred-year-old trees. Chum salmon and sea-run smelt. Black and grizzly bears. Bald eagles and Alexander Archipelago wolves. Murkowski's quest to open the Tongass to logging and roadbuilding would threaten dozens of the species that call the forest home -- not to mention the local economies that depend on whale-watching, fly-fishing, kayaking and other recreation opportunities to survive.

As Chair of the Appropriations Committee, Murkowski's one of the most powerful Big Timber allies in Congress -- and she's wielding her budgetary pen to exempt her home state from the "Roadless Rule" that has protected the Tongass from logging and roadbuilding for 20 years.

This is our last chance to save the Tongass from the clearcutting and carnage Murkowski's amendment would unleash. Please, rush your emergency monthly gift of $5 or more right this minute. Click here to become a monthly donor for $5 or more now. Help us save the Tongass' beautiful, old-growth rainforest before Murkowski's mulchers and masticators move in.

Murkowski's push to log the Tongass isn't only environmentally unsound, it's financially short-sighted. Alaska's tourism industry supports 28 percent of all jobs and generates $1 billion in economic benefit -- a decimated Tongass would mean fewer tourists, and fewer tourist dollars for boating, fishing, and outdoor sports businesses.

Salmon fishing, another vibrant and growing local industry -- 80 percent of Southeast Alaska's salmon comes from the Tongass -- brings 6,500 jobs to Southeast Alaska. The timber industry? Three hundred and twenty.

Worse, guess who's going to bear the brunt of the costs of exempting Alaska from the Roadless Rule? All of us. Timber subsidies in Southeast Alaska already cost taxpayers $21.7 million each year.

Stand with us today, and with Alaska's fishing, recreation and local communities -- before their way of life is gone with the buzz of a clearcutting saw. Tell Sen. Murkowski the Tongass is not for sale. Rush your monthly donation to protect the "Crown Jewel" of the National Forest System before it's gone forever.

Thank you for stepping up once again today to protect the Tongass, whose majestic, old-growth forests provide not only critical habitat for precious wildlife, but also clean drinking water for 60 million people.

Sen. Lisa Murkowski is about to feel the love Americans from Alaska to Anacostia feel for the Tongass’s snow-capped mountains, lush valleys and rushing, fish-filled rivers. Together, we will protect the Tongass for generations -- hopefully, centuries -- to come.

With determination,

Michael Brune

Executive Director

Sierra Club

P.S. -- If you've recently become a monthly donor, THANK YOU, we're still processing gifts.

Image: CC2.0/USDA Forest Service Alaska.


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