Six months after Hurricane Maria

By Newsroom America Feeds at 20 Mar 2018 Today -- 6 months after Hurricane Maria -- demand Congress take action and stop neglecting Puerto Rico! Send a Message

Dear Miriam,

Six months after Hurricane Maria, Puerto Rico is still struggling to recover with woefully insufficient help from the US federal government. Puerto Ricans are American citizens and deserve the same care and assistance as disaster survivors on the mainland.

Displaced families, activists and allies are raising their voices today, on the six month anniversary of Hurricane Maria to demand Congress do their job and commit to fully fund a just recovery for Puerto Rico. Add your voice! Send a message to your Senators and Representatives today.

A slow trickle of funding for recovery was offered in the immediate aftermath of the storm, and Sierra Club supporters have done their part with donations to community groups on the island, but despite their generosity this is not enough. Hundreds of thousands of families have been displaced, thousands still live without clean water or reliable electricity, and many are still homeless. Has Puerto Rico been forgotten? Let your Representatives know you're paying attention. They cannot continue to neglect Puerto Rico.

Thank you,

Ramon Cruz

Board of Directors, Sierra Club

P.S. Since Hurricane Maria the Sierra Club has distributed warm meals, over 10,000 solar lanterns, water filters and other emergency relief. In addition, we have worked with over 10 different groups to develop community resilience projects. Some of these are plant nurseries, solar hydroponic plantations, installation of new roofs and rehabilitation of natural areas. To learn more about Sierra Club’s work in Puerto Rico, and find more ways you can help, visit our website.


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