MMWR Vol. 67 / No. 10

By Newsroom America Feeds at 15 Mar 2018


"MMWR" Weekly Vol. 67, No. 10 March 16, 2018

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National Kidney Month March 2018

The figure above is a photograph promoting National Kidney Month with the slogan Healthy Women, Healthy Families. Each year, March is designated National Kidney Month to raise awareness about the prevention and early detection of kidney disease.

Trends in Hospitalizations for Acute Kidney Injury United States, 20002014 Meda E. Pavkov, MD, PhD; Jessica L. Harding, PhD; Nilka R. Burrows, MPH.

Exposure to Electronic Cigarette Advertising Among Middle and High School Students United States, 20142016 Kristy Marynak, MPP; Andrea Gentzke, PhD; Teresa W. Wang, PhD; et al.

Vaccine-Derived Poliovirus Outbreaks and Events Three Provinces, Democratic Republic of the Congo, 2017 Mary M. Alleman, PhD; Rohit Chitale, PhD; Cara C. Burns, PhD; et al.

Emergence of Monkeypox West and Central Africa, 19702017 Kara N. Durski, MPH; Andrea M. McCollum, PhD; Yoshinori Nakazawa, PhD; et al.

"Notes from the Field": False-Negative Hepatitis B Surface Antigen Test Results in a Hemodialysis Patient Nebraska, 2017 Blake Hendrickson, MPH; Saleem Kamili, PhD; Tim Timmons; et al.

"Notes from the Field": Assessing Rabies Risk After a Mass Bat Exposure at a Research Facility in a National Park Wyoming, 2017 Andrea Cote, DVM; Sarah Anne J. Guagliardo, PhD; Cuc H. Tran, PhD; et al.

"QuickStats": Age-Adjusted Percentages of Adults Aged 18 Years Who Are Current Regular Drinkers of Alcohol, by Sex, Race, and Hispanic Origin National Health Interview Survey, 2016

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