Donating to the Sierra Club is as easy as flipping a switch

By Newsroom America Feeds at 13 Mar 2018

Sierra Club: Use Choice For Change

With the Trump Administration turning its back on climate, jobs, and the safety of our communities, you can make an impact locally by taking charge of your energy. It's as easy as joining OhmConnect and reducing your energy usage at peak times. The Sierra Club receives an instant $20 when you join, and OhmConnect donates an average $50 on your behalf per year to the Sierra Club.

Once you sign up, OhmConnect will notify you when the grid's worst-polluting power plants are at risk of turning on, and will donate to the Sierra Club on your behalf if you save energy at that time. The donations are generated when California's energy authorities would rather pay to have residents save energy instead of paying those carbon-intensive power plants to produce more.

Help protect the environment, support the Sierra Club, and receive rewards with the flip of a switch! Sign up for OhmConnect >


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