They want to cut down 800-year-old trees

By Newsroom America Feeds at 9 Mar 2018

GOP Congress plans to strip protections for thousands of acres of 800-year-old trees in Tongass National Forest. Protect our largest national forest with your emergency monthly gift now. DONATE MONTHLY

Dear Susan,

14 days. That's all the time we've got left to stop Congress from letting timber companies clearcut thousands of acres of Alaska's 17-million-acre Tongass National Forest, reducing 800-year-old trees to stumps.

We've learned that Big Timber-backed Senators like Lisa Murkowski plan to strip Tongass protection -- just to open up more old-growth timber for sale to China, South Korea and Japan. This can't happen. We all have to stand up for Tongass and the 70,000 people who call it home. But with only a handful of days to stop Congress from throwing open these glacial fjords and lush valleys to mulchers and masticators, we need your help right this minute. Please, rush your emergency monthly gift of $5 or more now. Click here to rush your emergency monthly gift of $5 or more now. Help us save the Tongass' beautiful, old-growth rainforest from Big Timber before it's gone forever. We'll also send you our Make America Green Again hat -- FREE.

Enacted in 2001 with broad public support, the Roadless Rule is considered the last century's most significant forest conservation measure. The Rule has saved not only millions in taxpayer dollars, but the 17-million-acre "Crown Jewel" of the National Forest System.

If Murkowski and her friends succeed, the planet's largest intact coastal temperate rainforest -- home to brown bears, coho salmon, and the world's biggest bald eagle population -- could be lost forever. The felling of these majestic 800-year-old trees will hurt Alaska's tourism and fishing industries and accelerate climate change.

Roughly the size of West Virginia, the Tongass National Forest is the largest national forest in the U.S., and indigenous Alaskans, including the Tlingit, Haida, and Tsimshian, have continuously inhabited the Tongass for more than 10,000 years. Living off the land is both a cultural tradition and an economic necessity.

But Alaskans' way of life -- not to mention more than $1 billion in tourism-related economic benefit and the state's burgeoning wild seafood and cottage food enterprises -- are threatened by politicians beholden to Big Timber.

It's up to us to protect the Tongass before its watersheds, snow-capped mountains and old-growth forests are decimated by unsustainable logging. And with Murkowski and her Big Timber-backed allies poised to strip the forest of crucial protection in 14 days, we don't have a moment to waste. Please, rush your gift now. Please, rush your emergency monthly gift of $5 or more now. Help us save the Tongass before it's too late.

Thank you for standing with the Sierra Club today to protect the Tongass, which is not only a precious piece of our natural heritage but -- given its greenhouse gas-absorbing capabilities -- one of our best antidotes to climate change.

Together, we will save our National Forests from clearcutting and logging. We're so grateful for the support of our three-million-strong community of changemakers like you.

With determination,

Michael Brune

Executive Director

Sierra Club

P.S. -- If you've recently become a monthly donor, THANK YOU, we're still processing gifts.

Image: CC2.0/Alan Wu.


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