Fracking ban vote this afternoon,Thurs, Mar. 8 - please call now!

By Newsroom America Feeds at 8 Mar 2018

Dear friend,

Thank you for your interest in banning fracking. We are getting very close. There will be a vote *this afternoon* in the Florida Senate.

Please call your senator and ask him/her to support* Sen. Farmer's amendment **561580* *to PROHIBIT FRACKING on HB 1149*

You can be patched through now to your senator by calling *850-354-6707 <(850)%20354-6707> and inputting your zip code.*

You may also find *your senator's direct number* from the list below...

After you've done, email so we can have a count. Thank you again!

Sierra Club Florida

THURSDAY, MARCH 8, 2018 Florida Senate to Vote on Fracking Ban on Thursday, March 8th!

*Please call your Senator on Thursday morning, tell them you’re a constituent, and urge them to vote YES on the following amendments that would ban fracking in Florida --*

Sen. Farmer has filed an amendments to* prohibit any fracking activity *in geological formations above, below, or within the *Floridan* or *Biscayne* aquifers. The bills are HB 1149 and SB 1308.

*Please call your Senator now.*, Tell the person who answers that you’re a constituent, and urge their support for these important amendments. (amendment text is at the bottom of this email)

* The bill will be voted on the Senate Floor on Thursday, March 8th.* The amendments will PROHIBIT · Hydraulic fracturing · Acid fracturing · Acid matrix stimulation · It provides a *PENALTY of up to $5,000.00 a day *for violating the prohibition *and* o It does NOT interfere with using conventional drilling techniques to recover oil or gas o It does NOT interfere with water well drilling o It does NOT interfere with routine well cleanouts or maintenance

The amendments will prevent toxic chemicals from being injected at high pressure through the aquifers we all depend on. Passing this bill in the Senate is a tremendous opportunity; there’s still time to pass it in the House too! Please call to urge your Senator to support the fracking ban amendment to SB 1308 and HB 1149. Your State Senator’s district number is on the back of your Voter Information card. Or you can find it here by entering your address: **

All Senators’ Capitol Phone numbers are below: *Find your Florida Senator using this online tool! * *Call your Florida senator at Capitol Office numbers below to vote YES on the fracking ban amendment to protect our water.* *IMPORANT: *Online lookup feature only shows the district phone number. Use *tool*

to find your Senator's name and *district number* and*call the CAPITOL OFFICE NUMBER* from list below. Don't forget, tell them *WHERE YOU LIVE.* *Find your Senator from the list below and call or click here

to find.*

*District* *Name* *Phone* *Counties* 1 Broxson *(850) 487-5001* <(850)%20487-5001> Escambia, Santa Rosa and part of Okaloosa 2 Gainer *(850) 487-5002* <(850)%20487-5002> Bay, Holmes, Jackson, Walton, Washington and part of Okaloosa 3 Montford *(850) 487-5003* <(850)%20487-5003> Calhoun, Franklin, Gadsden, Gulf, Hamilton, Jefferson, Leon, Liberty, Madison, Taylor and Wakulla 4 Bean *(850) 487-5004* <(850)%20487-5004> Nassau and part of Duval 5 Bradley *(850) 487-5005* <(850)%20487-5005> Baker, Bradford, Clay, Columbia, Dixie, Gilchrist, Lafayette, Levy, Suwannee, Union and part of Marion 6 Gibson *(850) 487-5006* <(850)%20487-5006> Part of Duval 7 Hutson *(850) 487-5007* <(850)%20487-5007> Flagler, St. Johns and part of Volusia 8 Perry *(850) 487-5008* <(850)%20487-5008> Alachua, Putnam and part of Marion 9 Simmons *(850) 487-5009* <(850)%20487-5009> Seminole and part of Volusia 10 Simpson *(850) 487-5010* <(850)%20487-5010> Citrus, Hernando and part of Pasco 11 Bracy *(850) 487-5011* <(850)%20487-5011> Part of Orange 12 Baxley *(850) 487-5012* <(850)%20487-5012> Sumter and parts of Lake and Marion 13 Stewart *(850) 487-5013* <(850)%20487-5013> Part of Orange 14 Hukill *(850) 487-5014* <(850)%20487-5014> Parts of Brevard and Volusia 15 Torres *(850) 487-5015* <(850)%20487-5015> Osceola and part of Orange 17 Mayfield *(850) 487-5017* <(850)%20487-5017> Indian River and part of Brevard 18 Young *(850) 487-5018* <(850)%20487-5018> Part of Hillsborough 19 Rouson *(850) 487-5019* <(850)%20487-5019> Parts of Hillsborough and Pinellas 20 Lee *(850) 487-5020* <(850)%20487-5020> Parts of Hillsborough, Pasco and Polk 21 Galvano *(850) 487-5021* <(850)%20487-5021> Manatee and part of Hillsborough 22 Stargel *(850) 487-5022* <(850)%20487-5022> Parts of Lake and Polk 23 Steube *(850) 487-5023* <(850)%20487-5023> Sarasota and part of Charlotte 24 Brandes *(850) 487-5024* <(850)%20487-5024> Part of Pinellas 25 Negron *(850) 487-5025* <(850)%20487-5025> Martin, St. Lucie and part of Palm Beach 26 Grimsley *(850) 487-5026* <(850)%20487-5026> Desoto, Glades, Hardee, Highlands, Okeechobee and parts of Charlotte, Lee and Polk 27 Benacquisto *(850) 487-5027* <(850)%20487-5027> Part of Lee 28 Passidomo *(850) 487-5028* <(850)%20487-5028> Collier, Hendry and part of Lee 29 Rader *(850) 487-5029* <(850)%20487-5029> Part of Broward and Palm Beach 30 Powell *(850) 487-5030* <(850)%20487-5030> Part of Palm Beach 32 Book *(850) 487-5032* <(850)%20487-5032> Part of Broward 33 Thurston *(850) 487-5033* <(850)%20487-5033> Part of Broward 34 Farmer *(850) 487-5034* <(850)%20487-5034> Part of Broward 35 Braynon *(850) 487-5035* <(850)%20487-5035> Parts of Broward and Miami-Dade 36 Garcia *(850) 487-5036* <(850)%20487-5036> Part of Miami-Dade 37 Rodríguez *(850) 487-5037* <(850)%20487-5037> Part of Miami-Dade 38 Campbell *(850) 487-5038* <(850)%20487-5038> Part of Miami-Dade 39 Flores *(850) 487-5039* <(850)%20487-5039> Monroe and part of Miami-Dade 40 Taddeo *(850) 487-5040* <(850)%20487-5040> Part of Miami-Dade The same amendment text has been filed to SB 1308 and HB 1149. If we can get the Senate to adopt this language, we still have time to pass it in the House! Senator Farmer moved the following:

1 *Senate Amendment (with title amendment)* 2 3 Between lines 675 and 676 4 insert: 5 Section 5. Subsection (8) is added to section 403.859, 6 Florida Statutes, to read: 7 403.859 Prohibited acts.—The following acts and the causing 8 thereof are prohibited and are violations of this act: 9 *(8) The injection of fluids into a geologic formation that* 10 *is above or below or a part of the Floridan Aquifer system or* 11 *the Biscayne Aquifer when such injection is for the purpose of* 12 *propagating fractures in or dissolving rock formations to* 13 *increase production at an oil or gas well by improving the flow* 14 *of hydrocarbons from the formation into the wellbore. However,* 15 *this subsection does not apply when such injection is performed* 16 *only for one or more of the following purposes:* 17 *(a) Routine well cleanout work or maintenance.* 18 *(b) Routine treatment for the purpose of removal of rock* 19 *formation damage due to drilling or other well construction*

-- *Patrick Ferguson* Sierra Club Organizing Representative Stop Sugar Burning Campaign 954-288-4234


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