Take action: Stop “poison pill” riders by Friday

By Newsroom America Feeds at 7 Mar 13:27

This month, Congressional Republicans are taking advantage of must-pass government funding bills by inserting anti-environmental “poison pill” riders that undermine protections for our health, air, water, lands, and wildlife.

We only have a matter of days! Take action now and demand Congress pass a CLEAN budget -- free from funding cuts or harmful riders.


Miriam -- When it comes to numbers, the devil’s in the details.

Over the next few days, Congress will be finalizing the funding levels for government agencies and programs. The budgets for the EPA and other key environmental programs are at risk of being slashed.

What’s worse is that some Republican members of Congress are trying to attach anti-environmental “poison pill” riders -- policies that have nothing to do with government funding -- to these must-pass bills in an effort that will wreak havoc on public health and the environment.

Now is the time for Americans to speak up for a clean budget, with no cuts to federal agencies and free of harmful riders. If enough of us speak out, we can convince Congressional leaders to stop playing games and pass a clean budget. But we don’t have much time -- the House and Senate are finalizing many of the details THIS WEEK.

TAKE ACTION: Tell Congress - No cuts, no riders! Americans deserve a clean budget, free from attacks on our health and the environment.


Congress has already agreed on the broad strokes of funding levels, but it’s what actually gets written in the spending bills that counts. Not only are we fighting to keep full funding for the EPA and Department of Interior, we’re working to stop dangerous policy riders from being attached.

Here are some of the worst policy riders that have been proposed:

- Further undermining the implementation of the Clean Water Rule, the safeguards that protects the drinking water for 1 in 3 Americans - Declaring all forest biomass incineration as “carbon neutral” (producing zero carbon pollution), denying the fact that burning wood actually produces more carbon pollution. - Blocking and delaying national smog safeguards that reduce the harmful pollutants in our communities that cause breathing problems, asthma attacks, and even premature death. - Denying the social and economic costs of climate change by eliminating the “Social Cost of Carbon.” - Ending the Roadless Rule for wilderness areas, threatening our public lands and further undermining protections for endangered species. - Funding for Trump’s racist Border Wall, more detention facilities, and border agents. Not only are these measures inhumane and wasteful, militarization of the border damages local ecosystems and splits up border communities.

These riders are a clear giveaway to corporate polluters that undermine environmental and public health programs that protect our families and communities. If these proposed riders get attached onto a final funding bill, they’ll be poison pills that many members will be forced to swallow when it comes up to for a vote.

But if we mobilize now and flood the inboxes of members of Congress and call into their offices, we’ll be able to strip the bill of these riders and stop the worst of these attacks on our health, air, water, and public lands.

The solution is clear: Congress can, and must, pass a clean budget that is free of harmful riders. Send your members of Congress a message today!


Thanks for taking action today for the health of our communities,

Melinda Pierce Federal Lobbying & Advocacy Director Sierra Club


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