MMWR Vol. 67 / No. 8

By Newsroom America Feeds at 1 Mar 2018


"MMWR" Weekly Vol. 67, No. 8 March 02, 2018

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Suicides Among American Indian/Alaska Natives National Violent Death Reporting System, 18 States, 20032014 Rachel A. Leavitt, MPH; Allison Ertl, PhD; Kameron Sheats, PhD; et al.

The figure above is a photograph showing two people holding hands. American Indian/Alaska Natives face disparities in the prevalence of suicide and the circumstances surrounding suicide deaths.

CDC Grand Rounds: Promoting Hearing Health Across the Lifespan William J. Murphy, PhD; John Eichwald, MA; Deanna K. Meinke, PhD; et al.

Trichinellosis Outbreak Linked to Consumption of Privately Raised Raw Boar Meat California, 2017 Dustin Heaton, MSN; Sandra Huang, MD; Rita Shiau, MPH; et al.

Rabies Vaccine Hesitancy and Deaths Among Pregnant and Breastfeeding Women Vietnam, 20152016 Huong T.T. Nguyen, MPH; Cuc H. Tran, PhD; Anh D. Dang, PhD; et al.

Progress Toward Poliomyelitis Eradication Nigeria, JanuaryDecember 2017 Omotayo Bolu, MD; Chimeremma Nnadi, MD, PhD; Eunice Damisa, MPH; et al.

"Notes from the Field": HIV Infection Investigation in a Rural Area West Virginia, 2017 Mary E. Evans, MD; Sarah M. Labuda, MD; Vicki Hogan, MPH; et al.

"Notes from the Field": Occupational Hazards Associated with Harvesting and Processing Cannabis Washington, 20152016 Kerton R. Victory, PhD; James Couch, PhD; Brian Lowe, PhD; et al.

"QuickStats": Percentage of Children Aged 15 Years Who Had Never Been to a Dentist, by Age and Year National Health Interview Survey, United States, 20062016

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