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By Newsroom America Feeds at 26 Feb 2018

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Giant Sequoias could be next



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Dear Lynne,

It's been nine months since Donald Trump's Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke started his "review" of the Giant Sequoia National Monument -- and he still won't say if the monument, home to 2,000-year-old trees is on the chopping block.

So far, every monument that Zinke has reviewed is being either cut back or subjected to "management changes" (code for logging, drilling and mining).

We have ZERO assurance that the chainsaws aren't coming to reduce our Giant Sequoias, home to more than 300 animal species and more than 1,300 plant species, to sawdust.

http://click.emails.sierraclub.org/?qs=0c49a8571cce8b2733d20e89c8ff415df4482fef862ce0b9aa39e32dee176fb9cb4792269b33fadd94e51d62dd940dc7b88737701e6b7647baa69e2a39d8ddfa We can't rest for a moment. We need your emergency monthly donation of $5 or more to pressure lawmakers and save the Giant Sequoia National Monument from Trump, Zinke, and Big Timber.

We've seen how quickly this administration moves when their corporate cronies' profits are on the line, Lynne.

We've already hauled the administration into court to block drilling and mining in the national monuments Trump cut last year, and we're pressing Congress and prepping our legal strategy to save the Sequoias, too -- but we can't do it all without your help. Can you make an emergency monthly gift of $5 or more now?

http://click.emails.sierraclub.org/?qs=0c49a8571cce8b2733d20e89c8ff415df4482fef862ce0b9aa39e32dee176fb9cb4792269b33fadd94e51d62dd940dc7b88737701e6b7647baa69e2a39d8ddfa Please rush an emergency monthly donation of $5 or more to help us save the Giant Sequoia National Monument from Trump, Zinke, and Big Timber -- now, before a chainsaw touches a single precious tree.

We have worked to protect Giant Sequoias for decades. In 2000 we presented President Clinton and the U.S. Congress with 600,000 postcards supporting the monument's creation -- and since then, we've taken on the oil, gas, and logging industries and the U.S. Department of Agriculture, which tried to allow logging inside the monument's fragile ecosystem.

And believe me, we didn't fight this hard just to let Trump, Zinke and their cronies take down our Sequoias now. There is no language in the 1906 Antiquities Act granting presidents the power to rescind or cut the National Monuments the Act was designed to create. In addition to engaging our allies in Congress we're working with partners on the ground to challenge Trump's actions in court.

Please, help us stop Trump and Zinke from proposing more devastating cuts to our natural treasures -- and save the Sequoias for the local tribes, hikers, anglers and others who love and depend on them.

http://click.emails.sierraclub.org/?qs=0c49a8571cce8b2733d20e89c8ff415df4482fef862ce0b9aa39e32dee176fb9cb4792269b33fadd94e51d62dd940dc7b88737701e6b7647baa69e2a39d8ddfa Please, rush your emergency monthly gift of $5 or more to the Sierra Club now. Help us save the Sequoias and our other national treasures from Trump.

Thank you for all you are doing to protect our precious public lands, which not only shelter important ecosystems, but support local and regional economies, and -- especially in the case of the Sequoias -- combat climate change and thus promote public health.

With so much at stake, I trust http://click.emails.sierraclub.org/?qs=0c49a8571cce8b2733d20e89c8ff415df4482fef862ce0b9aa39e32dee176fb9cb4792269b33fadd94e51d62dd940dc7b88737701e6b7647baa69e2a39d8ddfa you'll make an emergency monthly gift to help us save our natural wonders for generations to come.

With deep appreciation and determination,

Michael Brune

Executive Director

Sierra Club

P.S. -- If you've recently become a monthly donor, THANK YOU, we're still processing gifts.

Photo: CC2.0/Joi Ito.


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