Don't be fooled

By Newsroom America Feeds at 26 Feb 2018

! Ford is going back on their word. Add your name to keep the pressure on for clean car standards!

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Dear Deanne,

Nobody likes to be fooled. But the folks at Ford Motor Company have really pulled a fast one on you and me.

Ford[1] has been bragging about its commitments to sustainability and its investments in clean transportation. Yet behind closed doors, Ford is lobbying the Trump administration[2] to roll back clean car standards, which save you money and are our single biggest defense against carbon pollution.

It's time to tell Ford to put cleaner cars in the fast lane!

Add your name now. Cleaner cars keep money in your pocket as well as our air clean and our climate safe.

Transportation is the single largest and fastest growing source of carbon pollution in the United States. These rules are our biggest defense against climate change because they'll nearly double fuel efficiency, keep oil in the ground, and decrease harmful carbon pollution.

Clean car standards are not only helping us fight climate change, they're saving you money. By 2025, the average American consumer would save between $3,200 and $8,200 over the life of a new car or truck.

A rollback might be what auto industry lobbyists want, but it's not what Americans want. A recent poll found that 95 percent of Americans want automakers to continue to improve fuel economy, and 79 percent want the government to strengthen the standards[3].

Ford wants to keep us locked in a dirty transportation system that costs you money. We need to strengthen clean car standards, not roll them back. Add your name now to tell Ford to keep clean car standards strong!

Thanks for your action,

Gina Coplon-Newfield

Director, Clean Transportation for All

Sierra Club

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