Don't Buy Trump's Dirty Fuels

By Newsroom America Feeds at 20 Feb 2018

The Sierra Club Insider

Take Action: Don't Buy Trump's Dirty Fuels

Vast portions of Bears Ears and Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monuments are now available for sale to the highest bidder. Despite nearly 3 million public comments opposing such activities, more than two million acres of formerly protected public lands are now open to mining corporations and energy developers, who plan to extract fossil fuels and sell them to utilities all over the country. Urge utility companies not to purchase any dirty, tainted fuels extracted from these national monuments.

Shash Jaa National Monument Is an Insult, Say Tribes

According to tribal leaders, Utah representative John Curtis wants Congress to approve a new Shash Jaa and Indian Creek monument not to aid tribal sovereignty but to add the imprimatur of congressional approval to the Trump administration's radical downsizing of Bears Ears National Monument. As Sierra reports, not only were the tribes not consulted about Shash Jaa, but the name of the new monument itself is deceptive.

Photo courtesy of the Bureau of Land Management

Easy Ways to Make a Lasting Impact

Your support of the Sierra Club makes it possible for future generations to explore, enjoy, and protect our planet—and a gift in your will for the Sierra Club is a lasting legacy that can be structured in precisely the way that's easiest and most meaningful to you. See which one of our legacy plans is best for you.

Annus Horribilis

"I love Hispanics!" Donald Trump tweeted on Cinco de Mayo in 2016. Yet Latinos have suffered enormously during his first year in office. A recent poll revealed that since Trump took office, 64 percent of Latinos believe they're more likely to be mistreated by police, 57 percent feel less safe, and a whopping 72 percent think discrimination and anger toward them has worsened. "In this xenophobic and racist atmosphere, we Latinos fear for our safety and our health," says Sierra Club associate communications director Javier Sierra.

The Southern Revolt Against Offshore Oil Drilling

In Republican-dominated South Carolina, an eclectic group of coastal residents—business owners, citizens' groups, activists, and legislators—are rallying against the Trump administration's intensifying efforts to open up offshore waters in the Atlantic Ocean for oil and gas extraction. Read about how bipartisan momentum to protect the coastline from offshore oil drilling has been building for years in South Carolina.

Photo by Peter Frank Edwards

Trips—and Scholarships—for Young Adventurers

Sierra Club Outings has a kick*** lineup of trips for younger adventurers, including backpack journeys, service trips/volunteer vacations, and multisport samplers. What's more, we're offering a full $300 off to adults 18-35. But funding is limited, so don't delay. Check out these trips and sign up!

"I Want to See Lizards and Poison Ivy"

"I'm hoping to see nature," says one youngster, shyly regarding the camera. "I want to see acorns," says another. "I want to see lizards and poison ivy," says a third. All three are anticipating the day to come in a new video produced by the Sierra Club's Angeles Chapter to promote its Inspiring Connections Outdoors (ICO) program, which gets more than 4,000 schoolkids into the great outdoors every year. "Many of them have never been out in nature before," says ICO leader Frances "Sparky" Sotcher. "It's fun to see the surprise in their faces and the thrill in their eyes." Watch the video.

Coal Pollution in America

The United States is transitioning from coal to clean energy, which is saving lives, improving public health, and saving consumers money. Track coal pollution in your area with our new interactive map, which shows remaining coal plants, as well as those that have ceased operation or have committed to retire. Take a scroll around the country and check it out.

Climate Visionary Ursula K. Le Guin

Ursula K. Le Guin, one of the great climate visionaries of contemporary literature, died on January 22 at age 88. In tribute, we've gathered six samples of Le Guin's writing that showcase her commitment to science, nature, art, and economic justice. Add this selection of Le Guin's writing—a story, a novella, two novels, recent essays, and a speech—to your reading list.

Photo by Benjamin Reed/AP

Take Action: Stop Poisoning the Pollinators

Right now, the EPA is considering whether to allow the continued use of four toxic insecticides called neonicotinoids, or "neonics" for short. Hundreds of studies have found neonics to be harmful to wild and managed bees and to be associated with the decline in bird populations.

The EPA wants to know what the public thinks about neonicotinoids, but we only have until February 20 at midnight to weigh in. Tell the EPA to stop allowing neonicotinoid pesticides to put our pollinators, food, and environmental health at risk.

Plastic Waste Piles Up as China's Ban Goes Into Effect

Plastic scrap such as discarded water bottles has been piling up in storage facilities around the United States since China announced it would no longer import the material due to impurities. Find out what China's ban means for plastic recycling across the U.S.

Photo courtesy Recology

Clean and Affordable Energy: Maryland Leads the Way

The Sierra Club's Maryland Chapter and a bevy of coalition partners gathered outside the State House in Annapolis on February 1 to boisterously support a bill in the state legislature that would require all of Maryland's electricity to come from renewable sources by 2035. "This bill not only provides a pathway to 100 percent clean energy but also pays particular attention to low-income families by capping their energy expenses," said Maryland Sierra Club director Josh Tulkin, speaking at right. Read more about how Maryland is pushing back against federal inertia on clean energy.

Celebrate America's National Parks

Featuring 30 original designs of inspiring quotes and landscapes from Acadia to Zion, The Sierra Club National Parks Coloring Book will entertain you with hours of exploring in America's natural treasures. Plus it comes with a set of colored pencils!

In honor of Grand Canyon National Park's 99th birthday on February 26, take 20% off The Sierra Club National Parks Coloring Book with code COLOR. Get yours today!

Take Action: Don't Drill in Our Oceans

At the behest of the Climate-Denier-in-Chief, the Department of Interior has proposed the largest-ever expansion of offshore drilling in the Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic, Pacific, and Arctic Oceans. If the plan becomes reality, devastating spills will be inevitable. We mustn't allow President Trump and Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke to recklessly and needlessly put our coastal waters, marine wildlife, and communities at risk.

The Bureau of Ocean Energy Management is accepting public comments through March 9. Submit your comment, and tell Interior Secretary Zinke that Americans don't want more drilling in our oceans.


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