G20: Upcoming changes to the Finance Companies (G.20) release

By Newsroom America Feeds at 11 Feb 17:19

The Federal Reserve Board announced on Tuesday the following changes to the Finance Companies (G.20) statistical release. Starting with the November release, the G.20 release will no longer report the levels and flows of on-book loan and lease balances and off-book securitized loan and lease balances separately. Instead, the G.20 release will start reporting balances of total owned and managed receivables--the sum of on-book and off-book loan and lease balances. The changes are caused by the FASB 166/167 accounting rules implementation in 2010, which required the majority of off-book, securitized assets to be reported on-book. The remaining off-book asset balances have since diminished, with most of them becoming and remaining at zero in recent years. The on-book and off-book levels and flows series will remain available from the Data Downloading Program (DDP). In addition, total owned and managed receivables series will be available from the DDP. The mnemonics of these series are listed in the table located on the technical Q&A page.



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