Capitol Voice Bulletin Feb 2018

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One or Two? An Update on the Delta Tunnel(s)

By Kyle Jones

The Brown Administration is going back to the drawing board with the Delta Tunnels project.

The original design called for two massive 45-foot diameter tunnels, spanning 35 miles, that would divert fresh Sacramento River under the San Francisco Bay Delta. However, some water agencies that would foot the $16 billion bill decided it was too expensive.

The Brown Administration's Department of Water Resources (DWR) has now responded by changing the project. The new proposal is for one tunnel to be built in the near term, with a second tunnel supposedly being built the future.

The Delta Tunnels represent a fundamentally flawed approach to managing the Delta. It would divert water needed to flush the Delta and protect wildlife.

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By Katherine Garcia

Hundreds of Sierra Club members and allies joined together on February 9 in Sacramento to rally against offshore oil drilling.

Advocates from across California arrived at our State Capitol energized to chant, raise their banners and march to a meeting about drilling plans proposed by the federal Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM). The north steps side of the building was transformed into a sea of dolphins, turtles, sharks, whales, and otters with compelling (and pun-rich) messages opposing offshore drilling.

More than half a dozen elected officials spoke passionately at the rally, along with indigenous leaders, environmental justice advocates, health professionals, and environmentalists.

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By Kathryn Phillips

Last fall, we asked Sierra Club California supporters to help us raise enough money to bring on another organizer.

As always, Club members came through and in January, Molly Culton joined our staff.

Molly is from Paradise -- yes, there is a town in California named Paradise -- and recently graduated from U.C. Berkeley and worked part-time for the City of Berkeley on energy efficiency policy and outreach.

Now as a member of our team, she will be spending most of her time helping implement and expand the Buy Clean effort, which resulted in a landmark bill, AB 262, last year.

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