Majority of Americans Disapprove of Decision to Withdraw from Paris Agreement

By Newsroom America Staff at 6 Jun 2017

(Newsroom America) -- A new PSRAI survey finds that a majority of Americans disapprove of President Trump's decision that the United States will withdraw from the Paris Agreement on climate change.

The poll, conducted after the announcement, finds that 54% of Americans disapprove of the decision, including 43% who strongly disapprove and 11% who somewhat disapprove. Meanwhile, 34% of Americans approve of the decision (23% strongly, 11% somewhat).

Opinions on the decision are divided strongly along party lines. Seven in ten Republicans approve of the decision to withdraw, including 55% who strongly approve and 16% who somewhat approve.

Twenty-two percent of Republicans disapprove of the decision. On the other hand, just one in ten of Democrats approve of the decision to leave the Paris Agreement. Eighty-four percent of Democrats disapprove, including 74% who strongly disapprove.

Thirty-one percent of Independents approve of the decision (19% strongly, 12% somewhat), while 57% of Independents disapprove (43% strongly, 14% somewhat).

A full one-half of those living in rural areas approve of the president's decision. Thirty-six percent of those in suburban areas approve, while just one-quarter of those living in urban areas approve. Sixty-four percent of those living in urban areas disapprove, including 51% who strongly disapprove.

Twenty-four percent of those ages 18-29 approve of the decision to leave the Paris agreement, making them the least supportive age group by a sizable margin. Men (39%) were more likely than women (29%) to approve of the decision and non-Hispanic whites (40%) were also more approving than non-white Americans (22%).


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