NTI Welcomes Ernest J. Moniz as new CEO

By Newsroom America Feeds at 1 Jun 2017

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June 1, 2017

NTI Welcomes Ernest J. Moniz as New CEO

Ernest J. Moniz begins today as CEO of NTI, marking a new chapter for the physicist and former Secretary of Energy--and for the organization.

Moniz also will serve as a co-chairman of NTI’s board of directors with former Senator Sam Nunn and philanthropist Ted Turner, who together founded NTI in 2001. Nunn, who has served as CEO since that time, will remain actively involved in NTI projects.

“I’ve admired NTI’s work and, drawing on my experiences in government and academia, am looking forward to expanding on its successful track record in reducing global risks in the nuclear, biological and cyber domains,” Moniz said when his appointment was announced in March.

Nunn praised Moniz as an outstanding leader who is respected around the globe. “Ernie comes to us with sterling credentials, deep expertise and enormous credibility in the nuclear and other WMD fields,” he said.

Moniz’s arrival at NTI coincides with challenging times for reducing global risks—relations between Russia and the West are at the lowest point since the Cold War; North Korea continues its provocative behavior; terrorist attacks are on the rise worldwide; and the cyber nuclear threat is growing exponentially.

Moniz brings a resume of success in handling complex security challenges. From his work as the special negotiator for the disposition of Russian nuclear materials during the Clinton Administration to the more recent negotiations over Iran’s nuclear program, Moniz has shown that with the right mix of expertise and leadership, progress is always possible.

In a speech just last week to a group of young leaders in Washington, Moniz said, “The future does not belong to those who destroy things but to those who build them.”

We look forward to working to build a safer world with Ernest J. Moniz, and we hope you will join us and http://click.e-nti.org/?qs=c5df210407c74bb5ca48b25751210c9a5b124ea0d70932568e1c66ce3d9482227b26f890c522d91a49714b5928f9d33e0e257f22f6bdd3bf support this new chapter for NTI.

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